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Astrology and the 2015 Oscars: Felicity JonesJonesFelicityImage

Felicity Jones has been nominated for her role as Jane Hawking, the wife of Stephen Hawking, in “The Theory of Everything”.  Her ability to convey both the devotion and the strength of this woman who watched her husband slowly succumb to a terrible disease has won her the admiration of many, including her co-star and fellow nominee, Eddie Redmayne. But it will it be enough to win her an Oscar?

We do not have a time of birth for Jones, but her partial horoscope (click here to see and chart for Felicity Jones done for noon) seems quite uneventful, at least at first glance. She has the Sun in Libra accompanied by several planets in Mutable signs, and she may also have her Moon in Mutable Pisces. Sun sign Libras are famous for the willingness to accommodate the wishes of others, while Mutable signs tend to go with the flow in everything they do.

But then you see that four of those mutable planets are actually in a square aspect. Venus and Mars in Virgo square Uranus and Jupiter in Sagittarius. If she was born in the late afternoon of evening, her Moon would also be involved in the aspect, making it a T-square. Now we see that there is more going on in this horoscope than meets the eye.

Jones is sensitive person with a bundle of emotional and personal conflicts that she has to work through.  She can be unpredictable and inconsistent. If her Moon is in Pisces, she is also vulnerable to periods of insecurity and irrational fears. On the other hand, all this internal activity adds restlessness and intensity to what might otherwise be a lazy chart. These square aspects act as a kind of engine that keeps her on the go and prevents her from ever accepting the status quo.

Unfortunately for Jones, her aspects on Oscar night are fairly dreadful. Like Cooper and Redmayne, she is being hit by the current square between Uranus and Pluto. However, where it’s the Sun that’s being impacted in the horoscope of Cooper and Redmayne, Jones is feeling this big aspect through the function of her Mercury. This could really mess up her thinking and make any form of public communication a golden opportunity for disaster.

If that were not enough, Neptune is opposite her natal Venus and activating that planet’s natal square with Uranus. This indicates that she is going through a period in which her judgment is clouded by relationship issues. Again, it’s just not a good time for her to be dressing up in fancy clothes and smiling for the cameras.
Considering all these aspects, probably the best outcome for Jones would be not to win. Regardless of  the quality of her performance or the current status of her career, the situation in Jones’ personal and emotion life are just not conducive to bringing home the Oscar.

What do you think of Jones’ chances? Is she an actress that we’re likely to see in future Oscar contests? We always appreciate your comments.

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