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Astrology and the 2015 Oscars: Eddie Redmayne

This year’s Academy Awards, at least on the Best Actor side, is all about non-fiction. You have Michael Keaton basically playing a version of himself and four other guys playing real people. Eddie Redmayne is on only one of these four who played someone who is still alive. He has been nominated for his role as Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything”.

The movie covers Hawking’s rise as the world’s most brilliant physicist and his battle with the debilitating disease that eventually robbed him of control over his body. Bradley Cooper had to gain 40 pounds of muscle for his role, and Steve Carell had to wear a fake nose and fake teeth, but in terms of physical transformation, Redmayne tops all the contenders for the Oscar.

Like Cooper, Eddie Redmayne is a Capricorn with the Sun aspecting Saturn. (Click here to see a horoscope for Redmayne done for noon.) However, in his chart the aspect is wider and the results are less intense. We can be certain that Redmayne is a hard worker and is focused on his career, but in his case the need to constantly challenge himself is less pronounced.

The hard driving influence of Redmayne’s Capricorn Sun is further weakened by the square between his Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter. This is a “bad” aspect between two “benevolent” planets, so the results are mixed. On the one hand, the aspect provides for an expansive social style and easy creativity. On the other, it also lends itself to self-indulgence and laziness.

Venus is also trine Mars. This is interesting because it is a sexy aspect involving two signs (Aquarius and Libra) that tend to shy away from the physical expressions of sex. This combination inspired me to check out Redmayne’s marital status on Wikipedia. He recently married a woman with whom he had been friends since high school. Marriage as an extension friendship typically works well for people with Venus in Aquarius.

What is really striking about Redmayne’s horoscope, however, is the fact that his Sun is almost on the same degree as Bradley Cooper’s. (Their birthdates are one day apart in different years, so that is to be expected.) This means that the Uranus square Pluto aspect that connects so powerfully with Cooper’s Sun and Saturn also connects to Redmayne’s Sun. This is an odd coincidence, but then astrology has a way of bringing out these odd coincidences.

Redmayne’s Sun is placed about a degree further into the sign of Capricorn than Cooper’s. Therefore, he is currently only getting an inkling of Pluto’s transformative influence. The full impact of this conjunction will not hit him until 2016.

Uranus moves faster than Pluto and has already completed its square to Redmayne’s Sun twice during 2014, once around the time he announced his engagement and again around the time that “The Theory of Everything” was released. It will be exact again in March.

Like Keaton, Redmayne comes into the Oscar race after having won a Golden Globe, so he’s riding a wave of good fortune, and there may be other beneficial aspects going on in his horoscope that I can’t see in this partial chart. However, I think that it’s really the Pluto conjunction to his Sun that’s going to make the big difference in Redmayne’s life, and that doesn’t come around until next year. Therefore, I don’t see Redmayne winning the big prize this time, but I do think he will come away from the ceremony with food for some very deep thought in the months to come.

What do you think of Eddie Redmayne’s chances? We always welcome your comments.

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