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Astrology and the 2015 Oscars: Michael KeatonKeatonImage

If momentum has anything to do with who wins the Academy Award for Best Actor, Michael Keaton certainly has an edge. He enters this contest having won the Critics Choice and the Golden Globe award for Best Actor and Best Actor in a Comedy. Many consider him the favorite the contest for the Oscar.

Keaton has been nominated for his role in “Birdman”, a movie about the making of a play. In the movie his character is a washed-up actor who got famous playing a superhero, and now wants to revitalize his career by portraying that character on stage. Since Keaton is famous (and in some circles infamous) for his turn as Batman in the Tim Burton versions of that comic book legend, the role hit pretty close to home.

Even without a time of birth, the difference between Keaton’s horoscope and the charts of Bradley Cooper and Benedict Cumberbatch is striking. (Click here to see a horoscope for Keaton charted for noon.) Keaton’s is an “easy” horoscope. There is a hard T-square in the chart but it involves only the outer planets. The most interesting aspect we can see (in this partial horoscope) involving the personal bodies is the sextile between Uranus and the Sun, coupled with a nearly exact quincunx from Jupiter and the Sun.

These aspects describe someone for whom doing the unusual is usual. We saw a lot of this combination of Jupiter's bombast and Uranus's wierdness in Keaton’s most famous role, as the grungy, motor-mouthed demon in “Beetlejuice.” Since his Sun is in Mutable Virgo, Keaton is a person who takes life pretty much as it comes. And, with Jupiter and Uranus working for him, good fortune has a way of arriving at his doorstep when it is least expected.

The big question in Keaton’s case is the sign placement of the Moon. An early morning birth time would place it in Libra, while a birth time later in the day would give him a Scorpio Moon. Since Keaton has played such a variety of roles in his career, it’s hard to judge. He is well-known for light-hearted comedies (Mr. Mom, for example) that would be indicative of a Libra Moon, but he has also played some heavy dramatic roles that show hints of a darker, Scorpio Moon.

Since Keaton seems to be going into the Oscar race with “big mo” behind him, I’m somewhat disappointed to see that there are no significant aspects to the partial horoscope I have for him. This tells me that there must be important connections between the transiting planets and the angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.) of his complete horoscope, or possibly his natal Moon. Without a time of birth I can’t see these aspects and, therefore, I can’t judge how they might help him on Feb.22.

The only thing that I can say definitely about Keaton’s chances is that there are no aspects indicating a disruption his string of good fortune on Oscar night. I see nothing that would indicate disappointment or sadness. So, all we can do is wait and see if "big mo" and an aspect we can't see will be enought get Keaton his first Oscar.

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