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Astrology and the 2015 Oscars: Benedict Cumberbatch

It seems that anytime a director is casting for a character who is both brilliant and something of a sociopath, the name that appears at the top of the list is Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch first got worldwide attention for his edgy portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on the BBC series. Then he played Julian Assange in ”The Fifth Estate”.  Now he’s been nominated for the Oscar for portraying the systems genius, Alan Turing, in "The Imitation Game “.

As was the case with Cooper and Carell, we do not have a time of birth for Cumberbatch.  A horoscope charted for noon (click here to see the chart) shows that he has the Sun in Cancer. It is interesting that the two men he recently portrayed, Assange and Turing, were also Sun sign Cancers.

Cumberbatch’s Sun is sextile Jupiter. This makes him less prone to emotional insecurities than most Cancer people, and allows him to express that sign’s natural compassion on a broader scale. The positive aspect to the Sun from Jupiter also tells us that he is a confident person who has experienced, and rather expects good fortune in his life.

The most interesting thing about this chart, however, is the conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Leo, all square to Uranus. If Cumberbatch was born in the evening, his Moon would also be involved in this aspect, making it a T-square.

This emphasize on Uranus is something we would have to expect considering the roles that Cumberbatch is most famous for playing. His Sherlock, Assange and Turing are all Uranian characters. Since we don’t know what time of day he was born, we can’t say where Uranus is placed in his chart, but my guess is that it has to be in an angular House, if not on one of the angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.).

The fact that Venus is in the middle of this aspect mix (along with the aspect between his Mars and Neptune) explains something else about Cumberbatch. In a pop culture world full of square-jawed, muscle bound, super-hero-playing hunks, the brainy Cumberbatch is high on the list of male sex symbols.

In a way Cumberbatch’s situation with regard to the Academy Awards is just the opposite of Steve Carell’s. Carell has gained attention by excelling in a role that was like nothing he has done before, while Cumberbatch earned his nomination by doing exactly what people would have expected.

The aspects on Oscar night to the Cumberbatch’s partial horoscope are not particularly hopeful. Transiting Neptune is moving opposite his natal Mars, indicating that he is a period in which he aims with be thwarted and his efforts undercut.

There are some good things happening in his secondary progressed chart which I think will continue bolster his career and land him more roles at which he can excel, but I don’t think these progressed aspects are enough to get him the big prize. So, unless someone comes up with a time of birth for Cumberbatch and that chart shows some things I can see with partial horoscope, I have to conclude that this will not be Cumberbatch’s night.

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