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Astrology and the 2015 Oscars: Bradley CoopercooperImage

I wrote about the horoscope of Bradley Cooper last year when he was nominated for “Silver Linings Playbook”. This year he’s up again with a nomination for his role in “American Sniper”.

Last year, I described the contrast between the fun-loving attributes of Cooper’s Mars in Sagittarius supported by the sextile between Jupiter and his Capricorn Sun. People who saw “Guardians of Galaxy” and heard his hilarious voice over for Rocket the Raccoon got a taste of this side of Cooper. But, more and more it has been Cooper’s serious Capricorn Sun opposed to Saturn that we’ve been seeing. (Click here to see Cooper horoscope charted for noon.)


This Sun to Saturn opposition is the aspect of an ambitious person, a person who is always trying to top himself. Cooper doesn’t just want to excel, he has to excel, in order to prove his worth to himself. People with this aspect either accomplish great things, or they collapse in a depressive cycle of self-blame and regret.

Cooper’s role in “American Sniper” was just the kind of challenge Capricorn requires. His character is a real person, Navy Seal and decorated sniper Chris Kyle. Cooper, a guy from Philly, spent hours each day practicing, not just a Texas accent, but a West Texas accent specific to Kyle, so that his speech would seem completely unforced and natural.

Though some aspects of the film, which deals with the war in Iraq, have proven controversial, no one has faulted Cooper’s performance. The political arguments raised by the movie have earned "American Sniper" a great deal of press. It remains to be seen how this noise will influence the judgments of the academy.

What’s going on in Cooper’s horoscope right now is very interesting. Pluto is conjunct Cooper’s Capricorn Sun and opposed to his Saturn, with Uranus square to both. This is a transit that brings hard work and physical challenges. So, it comes as no surprise that Cooper is currently involved in another difficult role, playing John Merrick in a stage adaptation of “The Elephant Man.”

Along with physical challenges, this transit provides for some serious psychological hurdles. With Pluto on his Sun it is likely that Cooper is seriously questioning some of his Capricorn priorities. The square from Uranus is equally tough, indicating sudden and unexpected changes and events. So, even though Cooper seems to doing very well in his professional life right now, these aspects describe severe trials in his personal life.

However, even though the aspects to Cooper’s chart are stressful, I think they could very well help him win an Academy Award. Winning for Cooper at his point in his life would not be a joyous occasion. It would be more of a “Is that all there is?” moment, or a “What do I do now?” moment. From the point of view of the public, winning an Oscar would seem to be a crowning achievement, but on a personal level, such a win would spur Cooper to address some hard question with regard to where he is going in his life.

So what’s you take on Cooper’s chances? Will he get the big prize on this, he second nomination in a row? Will the on going political flap about the film be a factor? Let us know what your think.