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Astrology and the 2015 Oscars

It’s getting to be a tradition that I look at the nominees for the Oscars for Best Actor and Best Actress and gage their chances of winning. Last year I was high on Matthew McConaughey's chances, but I was wrong about Cate Blanchett. Also, in 2013, I did sort of predict Jennifer Lawrence’s famous stumble. In any case, it’s fun to look at the horoscopes (mostly partial horoscopes done for noon) of the nominees.

This year the ceremony will be occurring under a conjunction of Mars and Venus in Aries. That’s a pretty sexy (and sexually challenging aspect), so the fashions are likely to be daring, and a “wardrobe malfunction” of some sort is not unlikely. Also, the Uranus to Pluto square is within a degree at the time of the show. It is not triggered by another aspect at that time, so I don’t think there’s danger of a terrorist incident, but you can expect winners to be pounding the drum for social causes during their acceptance speeches.

Up first among the nominees for best actor is Steve Carell, an actor most noted for comedy who has been nominated for a dramatic role in the movie “Foxcatcher”

Carell’s is one of those horoscopes that is hard to judge without a time of birth. (Click here to see the horoscope done for noon.) Much depends on the position of the Moon, and without a time of birth we can only estimate that position within a twelve degree range. If Carell was born early in morning his Moon world be opposed to the Sun and trine Mars. If he was born late at night, the Moon would be conjunct Jupiter and opposed to Mercury and Pluto.

Personally, I favor an evening birth for Carell but, in either case, the aspects to his chart on Oscar night are not auspicious. We have Neptune moving toward a conjunction with his natal Jupiter. This could be important, depending on how Jupiter is placed in his chart, but I don’t think it’s enough to earn him any hardware. It is more likely to indicated that this sudden change in the direction of his career will be difficult to sustain.

The other aspect impacting Carell’s horoscope on that night is a separating conjunction of transiting Mercury to his natal Saturn (and South Node of the Moon). That’s an aspect indicating bad news and depression. A Leo by Sun sign, Carell is not the sort to buy into the “it’s honor to be nominated” line. Leo’s like to win, and when they lose it can be a blow to their egos.

When I put this altogether, I have to say that Steve Carell would not be my first pick to win the Oscar for Best Actor, but you Steve Carell fans shouldn’t be disheartened. I’m dealing with limited information in this case, so there is a fairly large margin for error.

What do you think of Carell’s chances? Will the academy give him extra credit for moving from comedy to drama? We always appreciate your comments.

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