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Uranus and Pluto Tighten the ScrewsUranusSqPluto

I’ve often said that the squares are like bad marriages. They bring out the worst in both parties. This is what we’ve seen with the Uranus to Pluto square that has dominated astrological forecasts for the last five years. Each planet brings out the natural extremism of the other. Together they’ve created a world in extremism is the order of the day.

Uranus represents absolute freedom, Pluto absolute control. In some case, such as the recent incidents of police violence against young black men, or the attack on Charlie Hebdo, it is easy to see Pluto on one side and Uranus on the other (yelling “I can’t breathe!”)

But, in other instances the division is not so clear. Boko Haram in Nigeria and ISIS in Irag and Syria are Uranian in terms of their rebellion against the established government. The goals of their revolutions, however, are all about Pluto and absolute control (for Muslim males that is.)

In the United States it seems that the more moderate elements of the Republican Party have gained the upper hand over the extremists. However, the leader of this supposedly moderate group is Mitch McConnell, who earned his position by being the front man for big money in politics, a very Plutoian cause. Nor is the Tea Party dead. Rep.John Boehner faced stiff competition from the kooky fringe of his party in his election as Speaker of the House.

More importantly, the main agenda of the new Republican controlled Congress seems to be to funnel money to the already super-rich and loosen controls on banks and Wall Street, opening the way to another derivatives boom. (Apparently the Great Recession was not great enough for these folks.) Legislation like this might seem moderate compared to those who want to impeach Obama, but the long term effects can be terrifyingly extreme.

Right now, Uranus is moving into a conjunction with the Nodes of the Moon. This will place Pluto at a 90 degree aspect to the Nodes. We generally look at the Nodes in the context of personal and spiritual issues. I’m not sure how this configuration should be read in relation to worldwide events. However, I suspect that we are entering crunch time with this square, and that those of us who want nothing to do with the extremes of either Uranus or Pluto will have to struggle in order to preserve the middle ground.


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