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The Horoscope of Jack the Ripper

In a book published late last year, titled "Naming Jack the Ripper", Russell Edwards attempts to identify the legendary serial killer. He does this using DNA collected from a shawl that was worn by Catherine Eddowes, the Rippers 4th victim, on the night she was killed. The shawl was taken from the crime scene and eventually found its way to a public auction, where Edwards, a London businessman, acquired it.

Russell first confirmed that the shawl was genuine by comparing DNA found in the blood stains that saturated the cloth with DNA taken from one of Eddowes descendants. Then it was discovered that there were semen stains on the shawl . DNA was extracted from this material and matched that of the descendants of a sibling of a man named Aaron Kosminski.

Edwards’ claims that Kosminski was the Ripper are hardly shocking. The name Kosminski appears on a list of suspects made by the police shortly after the murders. This Kosminski was a poor Polish immigrant who lived near the sites of the murders and suffered from mental illness. He was also Jewish and therefore regarded by the police as an outsider.

If this “Kosminski” was actually Aaron Kosminski, (and some question this) there is another damning piece of evidence against him. Aaron Kosminski was interned in a mental institution in 1891. There are no murders attributed to Jack the Ripper after that date.

Edwards’ claims have not been met with universal approval. Scientists are miffed because Edwards preferred to publicize his investigation in the British popular press rather than in peer reviewed journals. Experts on DNA are suspicious of the genetic evidence he has presents, and some question the validity of his assertion that the shawl came from the scene of Eddowes' murder.

Since Edwards provides us with a date and place of birth for Aaron Kosminski we can do a partial horoscope his prime suspect. (Click here to see a horoscope done for noon.) This horoscope does have some features that could lead to violent behavior. Mars in opposed to Neptune indicating the possibility of misdirected anger. Mars is also square Uranus bringing in the likelihood of impulsive, extreme actions and a need to rebel. Kosminski’s Sun in typically mild mannered Virgo is square expansive Jupiter, which could have produced an unmet need for grandiose displays of ego.

In the horoscope of many serial killer (such and Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer) the Moon is seriously afflicted. Without a time of birth we cannot establish the exact degree of Kosminski’s Moon, though it could be square his Sun or his Mercury. It could also be trine his Mars which, if that aspect was near exact, could be considered an affliction.

The thing that bothers me about this chart, however, is the fact that there are no major transiting aspects impacting it at the time of the first Ripper murder on Aug. 31, 1888. The only aspect of note is an approaching square from transiting Saturn to Kosminski’s Pluto. This might qualify if Pluto was near an angle of the horoscope (Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.), but without a time of birth these angles are unknown.

As it now stands there are probably four times as many men suspected of being Jack the Ripper as there were victims of his crimes. Every few years a new theory emerges. I’m willing to accept Edwards’ claim that his theory is based on actual evidence that was (probably) taken from the scene of the crime. Hopefully, in the near future someone without at theory to promote will examine Edwards’ evidence and make an independent judgment. Until then I’ll live with this partial horoscope of Aaron Kosminski being the most likely chart we have for the infamous Jack the Ripper.

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