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Cameron Diaz Gets MarriedCameronDiazImage

I guess after George Clooney got married it was only a matter of time before pop culture’s most famous female bachelor tied the knot. The sudden marriage of Cameron Diaz to musician Benji Madden sparked my curiosity. So I have done a Mars/Venus Compatibility Analysis of their relationship.

Benji Madden born Mar. 11, 1979 in Waldorf, MD—Mars in Pisces with Venus in Aquarius, The Radical Love Addict (Click here to see a partial horoscope done for noon.)

Cameron Diaz born Aug. 30, 1972 in San Diego, CA—Mars in Virgo with Venus in Cancer, The Basically Bewitching Lover  (Click here to see her chart.)

His Venus in Aquarius with Her Venus in Cancer

Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Quincunx (implies a lack of common ground)

He will have difficulty responding to her deep emotional need for commitment. She will often misread his tendency toward emotional distance as a lack of interest.
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 2 

His Mars in Pisces with Her Mars in Virgo

Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Opposition (implies attraction with conflict)

Each has something the other needs. He needs her ability to see through the emotional fog to the essential strength of their relationship. She needs his ability to raise physical sex to a higher, soulful level. They must get past the differences in their sexual makeup and focus on these mutual needs.
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 8

His Mars in Pisces with Her Venus in Cancer

Relationship between Zodiac Signs – Trine (implies cooperation)

Both of these people want to be carried away by love. In this regard they are a perfect match. On a practical level their relationship may stumble, but the power of their mutual passion will make them blind to these problems.

Love Factor (1 to 10) = 10
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 9

His Venus in Aquarius with Her Mars in Virgo

Relationship between Zodiac Signs – Quincunx (implies a lack of common ground)

Each of these people requires a degree of distance in their relationship. He needs room to express his individuality. She likes to keep her life simple and uncluttered. They can have a viable relationship only if each recognizes the other's boundaries.
Love Factor (1 to 10) = 6
Lust Factor (1 to 10) = 4

Total Love Factor (1 to 30) = 18

Total Lust Factor (1 to 30) = 21

Summary—What is interesting about this couple is that each of their romantic natures contains one factor that is hot, and another that is cold. His Mars in Pisces and her Venus in Cancer are both needy, highly emotional placements with the potential for complete commitment and lose-your-head passion. On the other hand, his Venus in Aquarius and her Mars in Virgo are both rather cool and often shy away from long-term emotional commitments.

As long as they both run hot at the same time and cold at the same time, life together will be easy. But that’s not likely to happen continually. So it is going to be necessary for each person to recognize in the other the same hot and cold shifts that marks his or her romantic interest. If both parties can do this, and cut each other the necessary slack, then they have a good chance of making this hot and cold relationship last a long while.

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