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The Aries Twins: James Franco and Seth Rogen

We associate Aries with an all-in, all-the-time attitude. Aries people don’t hold back. They don’t wait for a consensus and they certainly don’t waste a lot of time worrying about the consequences of their actions. The Aries motto is to go fast, go hard and we’ll fix the problems later.

Two celebrities with the Sun in Aries who have profited from this attitude are James Franco and Seth Rogen. Along with making some funny movies, these two actors  have also combined for some hilarious and fearless internet parodies. When you think about it, the internet, with its rapid spread of information and short attention span, was custom made for an Aries skill set.

(Click on the name to see a noon horoscope charted for James Franco and Seth Rogen.)

Of course, recent events have taken the endeavors of these Aries twins out of the pop culture realm and into the international news cycle. Their movie “The Interview” started what might be termed a cyber war between North Korea and the Sony Corporation. North Korea even threatened to attack the United States if the film was not banned and the U.S. has responded with sanctions against that country.

You have to admit that making a movie, even a comedy, centered on an attempted assassination of a sitting head of state is a pretty aggressive act. But that is what Aries people do. They go directly at their goal, and they don’t mince words or self-censor.

Franco and Rogan were born four days apart (in different years) so their Suns are in a wide conjunction. Otherwise, there are no outstanding aspects between the two partial horoscopes that would explain their success as a team. However, without a time of birth for either, there’s a lot of information we cannot know, such as the sign and degree of the Ascendant and Midheaven, and the exact degree of the Moon. (If they were both born at noon, for instance, their Moons would be in a trine.)

One thing that is interesting is that both Franco and Rogan have their Aries Sun paired with an Earth sign Moon. Franco’s Moon is in Virgo and Rogan’s is in Capricorn. In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” I say of the former combination, “Like all Aries’ you are energetic and willing to work hard. You just expect tangible results from your labors.” Of the latter combination I write, “You combine all that Aries energy and zeal with foresight and careful preparation.”

Any time an Aries Sun sign is combined with significant placements in practical Earth signs you have a potent formula for getting things done. Franco and Rogan have been able to bring Earth sign focus and realism to the haphazard, impulsive energy of Aries. This is the key to their success, and a big reason why we can’t wait to see what they will come up with next.

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