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Father Sun, Mother Moon (Part Ten)presleyImageright

In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo”, I describe each of the 144 possible combinations of the twelve Sun Signs and the twelve Moon Signs. In this series of articles I am presenting examples of some of these combinations.

This time we’re going to look at the Sun in Capricorn with the Moon in Pisces. Our example is Elvis Presley. (Click here to see Presley's horoscope.)

Of Capricorns I say this in “Father Sun, Mother Moon”, “what we like best about Capricorn people is that they adhere to conventional, old-fashioned values. They keep their promises, honor their responsibilities and work hard because that’s just the way it’s supposed to be.”

Part of the charm that Elvis Presley so popular was the fact that, even as he was creating a revolution in the field of popular music, he remained a simple county boy true to his Southern upbringing.  He loved his momma, was loyal to his friends and never questioned values like patriotism and law and order. Of course, he didn’t always live according to those laws, but Capricorn’s have a unique ability to staunchly champion rules for everyone else that they have personally found it expedient to break.

Of course, along with one of the most charming qualities of Capricorn, Elvis also displayed one of the sign’s most common downfalls. In the book I say, “Capricorns are often so intent on the material signifiers of success -- money, position, titles -- that they ignore the truly important things in life”.

Presley built himself (and his mother) a mansion and filled it with the most conspicuous indicators of status and wealth he could imagine. But inside this sprawling estate he became a lonely and miserable prisoner of his own self-indulgence.

Part of the reason Elvis came to such a tragic end has to do with his Pisces Moon sign. Of the combination of the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Pisces I say, “You want to be controlled and disciplined, but your emotions get in the way. Your judgment is often clouded by personal issues, and you find it difficult to remain focused on just one goal. On the other hand, you are the most creative Capricorn and often the most inspired.”

There can be no doubt that, deep in his heart, Presley was had all the ambition typical of Capricorn. But he never “owned” it. Instead, he left it to other people to control his career and provide the structure that his creative genius required. He failed to make use Capricorn’s greatest strength, its realism and capacity for making hard decisions. Instead, he allowed himself to slip into a Pisces fog.

One of the problems with this combination is the fact that the emotionalism of the Moon in Pisces leaves one particularly vulnerable to the Capricorn tendency toward depression. In the book I say, “you also have the Capricorn capacity for self-doubt and despondency.” When you fail to make use of the best qualities of your Sun sign, the worst qualities often take charge. This is what brought down Elvis Presley.

“Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” contains much more about both Sun sign Capricorn and the combination of the Sun in Capricorn with the Moon in Pisces; as well as all the other possible combinations of the Sun and Moon. Check out the ad on our front page for more information.

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