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Father Sun, Mother Moon (Part Nine)

In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo”, I describe each of the 144 possible combinations of the twelve Sun Signs and the twelve Moon Signs. In this series of articles I am presenting examples of some of these combinations.

We’ve looked at the Sun in Libra with a Gemini Moon (Barbara Walters) and a Gemini Moon with the Sun in Scorpio (Roseanne Barr). Now let’s look at a Scorpio Moon with the Sun in Sagittarius. Our example is Miley Cyrus. (Click here to see Miley Cyrus' horoscope.)


Of the Sun in Sagittarius I write, “There is something quite childlike and innocent in the way the Sagittarian views the world. They are gifted with a special, almost irrepressible optimism.” Miley Cyrus’ transition from being a beloved child actress to an adult pop singer shocked many people. It wasn’t so much that what she doing was so different the antics of other singers of her generation, it was the fact it was little Hannah Montana was doing it. Because Sagittarians do everything with such youthful enthusiasm, regardless of their age, we tend to see them as being younger than they really are.

I also say of this Sun sign, “These are energetic, excitable folks who are always looking for new frontiers to explore. They typically go charging into each new project with an exuberance that is irrepressible. They don’t consider risks. They don’t fear failure. They just do, and the simplicity of their approach leads Sagittarians to success much more often than more cautions Sun signs would ever think possible.”

Cyrus seems to pay little attention to the criticism sometimes leveled against her. She is having too much fun exploring this new phase of her life. We shouldn’t be surprised if we see Cyrus making another and another sharp turn in the course of her career. Sagittarius is a mutable sign so these people are always ready to shoot off in a new direction.

Of course, another reason Cyrus seems unfazed by her critics has to do with her Scorpio Moon. Of the combination of the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Scorpio I write, “You may be the most independent of all the Sagittarians. If it’s a matter of you against the world, the world had better watch out.” The Scorpio Moon adds will-power and a touch of pure cussedness to this typically affable Sun sign. People the Moon in Scorpio can actually get a kick out ticking people off.

In “Father Sun, Mother Moon” I do provide this warning to people with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon is Scorpio, “You never seem to recognize the fact that you have a breaking point, that your unique combination of optimism and toughness will not always save you.” Sagittarians tend to take things too far, to expend their energy as if it had no end. The Moon in Scorpio pushes us to prove our strength of will. Together these tendencies could pose a danger to Cyrus’ health and well-being as she gets older.

“Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” contains much more about both Sun sign Sagittarius and the combination of the Sun in Sagittarius with the Moon in Scorpio, as well as all the other possible combinations of the Sun and Moon. Check out the ad on our front page for more information.