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Father Sun, Mother Moon (Part Seven)

In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo”, I describe each of the 144 possible combinations of the twelve Sun Signs and the twelve Moon Signs. In this series of articles I am presenting examples of some of these combinations.

Now it’s Libra’s turn. Let’s look at the Sun in Libra with the Moon in Gemini. Our example is the interviewer extraordinaire, Barbara Walters. (Click here to see her horoscope.)

In Father Sun, Mother Moon I say of Libra Sun signs, “Perhaps Libras’ greatest strength is the fact that they can view and generally understand human interactions without being drawn into the obsessive thinking and emotional convolutions that typically make these interactions so difficult. This allows Libras to remain calm, rational and fair-minded even in the most tense, absurd and divisive situations.”

During her extraordinarily long career Barbara Walters has interviewed just about every celebrity and political heavyweight you could think of. In these many interview, with people of various temperaments and often outsized egos, Walters has always been able to show a remarkable combination of calm, cordiality and, most of all, intellectual distance.

I also point out that, “Libra people are activist. They are not content just to sit around thinking about and appreciating truth and beauty, they have to get out in the world and do whatever they can to make those ideals a reality.” Walters’ advance up the ranks of television news people was the product of a lot of hard work and struggle. She refused to settle for being just a reporter of “women’s news”. Walters wanted more and, eventually, she got it.

It almost goes without saying that the combination of a Libra Sun with a Gemini Moon is perfect for an interviewer. Here you have Libra's unerring social sense combined with Gemini's love of talk. In the book I say of this combination, “Your curiosity is such that you are always open to new ideas, and your opinions are always under construction. The ease with which you blend your thinking with that of other people allows you to enjoy social contacts with a wide variety of folks. It broadens your experience and your knowledge.” Does this sound like a born interview or not?

I also issued a warning for people with this combination of the Sun and the Moon.”It is important that you establish standards in your life that are not open to compromise. You must have faith in your own message and remain true to your own ideals.” Obviously, Barbara Walters has done that. She has the advantage of having her Sun strongly placed on her Ascendant and her Moon trine Mars. This gives her a personality that is substantially more forceful that is typical of people with this easy-going combination.

“Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” contains much more about both Sun sign Libras and the combination of the Sun in Libra with the Moon in Gemini, as well as all the other possible combinations to the Sun and Moon. Check out the ad on our front page for more information.


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