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Father Sun, Mother Moon (Part Five)

In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo”, I describe each of the 144 possible combinations of the twelve Sun Signs and the twelve Moon Signs. In this series of articles I am presenting examples of some of these combinations.

Today let’s tackle Leo, in particular, the Sun in Leo with the Moon in Virgo. An excellent example of this combination goes by only one name: Madonna. (Click here to see a horoscope for Madonna.)

In Father Sun, Mother Moon I say of Leo Sun signs, “The creativity of Leo people is often their ticket to greatness.” Throughout her career Madonna has displayed more that her share of this trait. Her fabled ability to constantly reinvent herself is a wonderful demonstration of her creativity.

I also say, “Leo folks are always seeking to separate themselves from the pack, to grab the spotlight.” From the very beginning of her long career, Madonna made no secret of her determination to dominate the spotlight. Not only did she demand a lot of attention as a singer and then as an actress, she published a book (titled “Sex”) full of naked pictures of herself, and produced a movie (“Truth or Dare”) that featured intimate details from her personal life.

It’s pretty easy to see the Leo qualities in Madonna. She is practically a poster child for this signs confidence, energy and knack for self-promotion. But what about the Virgo Moon?  Of the combination of a Leo Sun with a Virgo Moon I say, “You are one Leo who understands that the effectiveness of any grand plan depends on the details.” It wasn’t just big ideas that made Madonna famous. Her success also required lot of practical knowledge and attention to detail.

I also say of this combination, “You are more realistic than most Sun sign Leos.” Despite all the attention she has garnered, Madonna seems to be a person with her feet firmly placed on the ground. She’s managed to stay away from the self-destructive tendencies that derail so many pop stars and (at least periodically) live a relatively normal life. This is largely because of the influence of always rational and unapologetically earthy Virgo.

“Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” contains much more about both Sun sign Leos and the combination of the Sun in Leo with the Moon in Virgo. Check out the ad on our front page for more information.

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