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Father Sun, Mother Moon (Part Two)LucasGImage

In my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo”, I describe each of the 144 possible combinations of the twelve Sun Sign and the twelve Moon Sign. In this series of articles I am presenting examples of some of these combinations.

This time I want to look at combination of the Sun in Taurus with the Moon in Aquarius. My example is filmmaker, George Lucas. (Click here to see Lucas’ horoscope.)

Of course, when we think of George Lucas, we think of Star Wars. This series of movies has become not only a landmark in the history of film; it holds a huge place in the pop culture of an entire generation. There has probably been more ink spilled praising Star Wars, discussing the philosophical and moral implications of Star Wars, imitating Star Wars, writing fan fiction based on Star Wars, parodying Star Wars and criticizing Star Wars than any other movie franchise.

One of the things I say about the Sun sign Taurus in the book is “the greatest strength of this sign is its down-to-earth practicality. Taurus people see the world as it is. They are staunch realists who have no time for ideal systems or dreamy fantasies.”

This certainly applies to George Lucas. Unlike many other creative people in Hollywood, whose labors end up making everyone rich but themselves, Lucas made out pretty well with his little movie. Instead of accepting a higher pay check after the success of the first Star Wars movie, he opted for a bigger share of the merchandizing rights associated with the series. Thanks to this example of business savvy, Lucas is now considered one of the richest filmmakers in the world.

 So how did this supremely practical man come up with an idea as far out as a space opera?

In “Father Sun, Mother Moon” I say this about the combination of the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Aquarius.  “You are less conservative than most Taurus people. In fact, you are capable of some fairly wild ideas and schemes . . .” The Moon is Aquarius adds a taste for the unconventional to stodgy old Taurus. It sharpens its imagination and expands its point of view. With the Sun in Taurus Lucas has kept his feet firmly planted on the ground, but the Moon in Aquarius allowed his vision to reach out into the stars.

Another thing I say about Taurus in this book is “Taurus people excel because once they are focused on a goal they pursue it with single-minded concentration. They may move slowly but this is because they take time to learn all they can from every step forward and from every slip backwards. In the end, despite their plodding pace, they often manage to accomplish more, faster than all those people in a hurry.”

It may be difficult to believe now, but it was not easy to get a major studio to invest in Lucas’ first Star Wars movie. Waiting for these doubting studio executives to come around took a lot of patience, and strength of character. Many people would have given up, or compromised their vision to accommodate the doubters. But, with both the Sun and the Moon in Fixed signs, Lucas kept his focus and refused to give up. The result was a creative triumph.

Do you have the Sun in Taurus with the Moon in Aquarius? Do you know people with this combination? If so, what would you like to add to what I say about this pairing Taurus and Aquarius.

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