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Uranus and Pluto Come Visit for the HolidaysUranusSqPluto

The big Uranus to Pluto square that I’ve been writing about for a couple of years is getting ready to make its final pass. It will creep to within a degree of an exact 90 degree aspect on Sunday (just after the New Moon) and remain within that range until it separates for good in March 2015.

In my discussions of this aspect I’ve emphasized the way in which a square brings out the worst side of a planets involved. For both Uranus and Pluto, that worst side often means pushing people to extreme behavior.

Uranus demands freedom and seeks radical solutions to old problems. It sees the world in terms of abstracts, intellectual construct that may or may not apply to reality. It has a plan for making life better for the masses, but its execution of that plan is cold, clinical and supremely arrogant. Uranus has no sympathy for those people who, for whatever reason, don’t fit into its rational design.

Pluto is about power. It abhors chaos and has a deep and unsympathetic understanding of human fallibility. It seeks to limit these human failings by maintaining control over human actions. It often works on an emotional level, using fear, prejudice and pride to manipulate people. For Pluto, the ends justify the means. The welfare of individual humans is of no consequence if it interferes with Pluto’s need for control.

Obviously, none of us want to see these guests at our Thanksgiving table. But, wait! There’s more! This time Saturn gets involved. It is currently moving into a 45 degree semi-square with Pluto and a 135 degree aspect with Uranus. These aspects are technically minor, but in the context of this major square, they can only make things worse. (Saturn is, after all, the “Great Malefic.”)

In this country President Obama seems set to give his confrontation with the Republican dominated Congress a “High Noon” flavor. (I talked about this in my last article on the midterm elections.) In the Middle East, ISIS is still beheading Americans. Meanwhile, the U.S. seems to be making a deal with Iran that could get that Shiite country involved in the fight against the Sunni ISIS army. In Russia, Putin is trying to distract his people from economic woes by beating the drum of nationalism. North Korea continues to develop its nuclear program, and who knows what nut case in which city is preparing to celebrate the holiday season by blowing up something.

All this tells me that during the next several months, and particularly during the next three weeks or so while the Saturn aspect is in effect, are going to be interesting, and not in a good way. I think a major terrorist attack somewhere on the globe is likely, and that we will see a sudden increase of tension in one of the hot spots I’ve mentioned. And, of course, the probability of major new problems and new threats is also high.

What are your expectations from the Uranus to Pluto square? Has its impact been what you might expect?

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