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Uranus and Monica LewinskyLewinskyImage

Monica Lewinsky is in the news again. She has recently come forward in support of victims of cyber-bullying, claiming that she was among the first to suffer the devastating impact that internet spread gossip can have on a person’s life. Her remarks have garnered sympathy from some, and inspired outrage in others. Personally, I am more interested in what’s going on in her horoscope.

At the moment Lewinsky is under the influence of Uranus, which is conjunct her Descendant. (Click here to see Monica Lewinsky’s horoscope.) We don’t generally associate Uranus with the rehashing of old troubles, but it is associated with change, and Lewinsky is obviously trying to change the way she is perceived by the public.

Uranus also plays a big role in Lewinsky’s natal horoscope. The planet is near her Ascendant and in a close opposition to her Aries Mars. This indicates a rebellious and reckless attitude, and mischief regarding relationships. The fact that she is now reliving the tumultuous outcome of a youthful misadventure is quite appropriate, since Uranus will soon be approaching an opposition with its natal place.

What has angered some people is Lewinsky’s effort to characterize herself as a victim. These people don’t accept her claims that it was her youth and her romantic notions that led to her affair with President Clinton. From an astrological point view, however, Lewinsky’s horoscope does describe a person who would easily be carried away by illusions of romance and the allure of a powerful personality.

Lewinsky is a Leo by Sun sign, and her Sun is trine chimera-chasing Neptune. Her Venus is also in Leo, and people with Venus in Leo tend to be strongly attracted to partners who are famous or hold prominent positions. She has romance-loving Libra rising, and Mars in risk-taking Aries. Her Moon in Taurus adds a much needed dose of practicality, but it is square Jupiter which indicates self-indulgence, and a tendency to overstep bounds.

So was Lewinsky a victim of her horoscope? Not really. Horoscopes don’t “make” us do stuff, but they do force us to make very specific sets of decisions. Back in 1995 (when her affair with Bill Clinton started) Lewinsky made the wrong decision. Then in late 1997 and early 1998, with Saturn crossing her Descendant, she suffered massive consequences for that decision.

(Of course, Bill Clinton also made a few bad decisions concerning this matter, but that’s another article.)

Now, with Uranus crossing the same angle of her horoscope that Saturn was moving on when her name became a household word, Lewinsky is seeking to make a new start. However, since Uranus is the operative planet, she is also inviting more controversy and ill-will into her life. It may be that Lewinsky will be able to change her image, but I doubt that it will be for the better.

What's your opinion of Lewinsky's latest turn in the spotlight? Do you see her as a victim, or do feel she is just seeking attention? We always welcome your imput.