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Bono and the Midlife Midheaven

I’ve mentioned the fact that Saturn will be crossing the Midheaven of Barack Obama several times over the past few months. Of course, he’s not the only person facing this important passage. Anyone with the Midheaven (or M.C.) in the last few degrees of Scorpio will be experiencing the same aspect.

One of those people is an Irish singer named Paul Hewson, better known as Bono from U2. Saturn will be crossing Bono’s Midheaven in Dec. 2014 and July and August of 2015, the same times that it will be crossing Obama’s. Both men are about the same age. (Bono is 54, Obama 53.) So, even though Bono’s next Saturn passage is not fraught with political implications, he will share with the U.S. president the problems of a midlife Midheaven crisis.(Click here to see Bono's horoscope.)

Typically, Saturn’s crossing of the Midheaven is a time in which a person establishes his or her public identity. Often it coincides with a major triumph or failure that, for better or worse, establishes the individual’s place in their community and the world at large. In the horoscope of a young person, we might expect a significant lift on his or her career, or an obstruction or error in judgment from which important lessons can be learned.

A Midheaven crossing later in life is not so easily judged. Bono, like Obama, has already established his public identity in a pretty spectacular fashion. With these later Saturn aspects the question often becomes whether to further advance or defend the identity that has already be established, or go off in a new direction.

Bono was one of the examples I used in my book, “Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life.” In the book I point out that the first time Saturn crossed Bono’s Midheaven, in 1983, he was asked to join a special committee investigating unemployment in Ireland. Bono ended up quitting this job because he felt the other people involved were out of touch with the problem. But it was the beginning this rock star’s abiding interest in public service, an interest that eventual led to dramatic results, especially for the cause of African debt relief.

Recently, Bono and U2 released a new album that was sent, unsolicited, to the ITune accounts of millions of people. Surprising, many of these people found this act of creative marketing intrusive and rained abuse down on the group. I would take this as a sign that Bono is going to have to look beyond doing something new with his music as Saturn crosses his Midheaven.

Bono also recently revealed that his trademark sunglasses are more than a statement of style. He suffers from glaucoma and is unusually sensitive to light. This is an interesting alteration in the singer’s public image, taking what might be considered vanity and making it an insignia of human frailty, but my guess is that Saturn is going to demand more of Bono that this minor change is perception.

Since, politics became a factor in Bono’s life when Saturn crossed his Midheaven the first time, I think that it is likely that Saturn will be be pushing this singer toward public service during this second passage. After all, 54 may be old for a rock star, but not so much for a political activist.

Indications of this shift may not be evident for a while. Sometimes Saturn does its most important work in a person’s mind and heart. Also, we are not “fated” to follow Saturn’s call. We have to make a choice. Still, is think that in the near future we are going to see Saturn taking Bono's career in a surprising new direction.


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