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Jupiter and Barack Obama176px-official portrait of barack obama

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about the transits of Jupiter over President Obama’s natal Sun and Descendant. It was titled “Can Jupiter Save Barack Obama?” Now the first set of those aspects has been completed and the answer seems to be an emphatic “no”. Obama’s approval rating is down to 40% and Republican’s are looking forward to taking over congress in the midterm elections.

Jupiter is not entirely finished with Obama. It will make two more passes over his Descendant next year. But, overall, it seems that whatever good fortune Jupiter might have brought the President has been outweighed by the influence of the big Uranus to Pluto square. That transiting aspect is getting ready to make its last two exact hits in Dec. 2014 and Mar. 2015 and, the way things are shaping up in the world, it is going to go out with a bang.

As I have pointed out previously on these pages, Uranus and Pluto are both planets of extremism. Uranus is extreme in it search for personal liberty. Pluto is extreme in its need for control. Some people like to assign these qualities to different sides of the political divide, but the influence of Uranus and Pluto can be seen in both conservatives and liberals.

Liberals seek to free the individual form the strictures of society and convention, but they want to control damage done by individuals and groups of individuals to the environment, and to mollify the economic vicissitudes inherent in the capitalist system. Conservatives seek to liberate the individual from the interference of government, but they seek control over natural resource (that can produce wealth) and the maintenance of certain standards of morality.

The last time Uranus and Pluto got together, in a conjunction, it was during the 1960s. Looking back now, that seems to have been a time in which personal liberty (sex, drugs and rock and roll) was flying high. But, a closer look shows us that Pluto also had its say. The dates that the aspect was exact during 1965 coincide with passage of important civil rights legislation, Medicare, and laws extending Federal mandates into public education. To a lot of people living at that time, these laws represented an unwarranted intrusion of big government into the lives of individuals and the natural economic order.

Of course, nowadays, most people see Medicare as a god-given right, and expect the federal government to be active in public education and civil rights. Nonetheless, the square between Uranus and Pluto has brought with it a powerful push in the opposite direction. Conservatives are more vocal and their agendas have become more extreme. To a certain extent, this is also true of liberals, but their extremism seems less cohesive and compelling than that of the conservatives.

One reason for this is Barack Obama. As the first African-American president, and the president who shepherded through congress to first major extension of the social contract between government and the individual since Medicare (Obamacare), he has provided a focal point for everyone who is unhappy with what’s happened to the United States over the past 50 years. So, though those good Jupiter aspects might bring him good fortune in his personal life, this period dominated by the Uranus to Pluto square is always going to be particularly difficult for his presidency.

This brings us to the conjunction of Saturn to Obama’s Midheaven which begins in December, (right after the midterm elections.) This will be a period of intense challenge for the president, a period during which his mark in history, of good or ill, will be made. He may go down as the president whole held the line of moderation against the extremism of Uranus and Pluto. Or he could be labeled as the president who stood by and watched as the country veered sharply (and I would say, tragically) to the right.