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My Weekend with Rob Hand

It was my great good fortune to be able to attend a lecture and workshop presented by Rob Hand over the past weekend, and to spend some time with him. I learned a lot about Whole Sign Houses, which is the most ancient system of dividing the horoscope into sections around, and even more about how a master astrologer approaches a horoscope.

Rob has just completed his PhD in history, but his knowledge of astrology extends beyond anything that you can sum up with a group of letters. He is one of those rare instructors whose digressions are often more enlightening than the main body of his lecture. Nonetheless, his presentation on Whole Sign house was well-structured and persuasive.

What was most impressive, however, was watching Rob address issues in the horoscope of the 25 people who attended the workshop. His ability to sum up basic problems presented by the charts and offer solution, within a severely limited time frame, was almost super-human. It was like watching David Ortiz (yeah, so I’m a Red Sox fan) in a batting cage hitting homer after homer.

I can’t say that I was totally converted to the Whole Sign method Rob advocates. I'm Fixed Sign person and don't easily change my ways. But my opinion about it, and about house systems in general, was certainly altered by his presentation. I’ve already begun experimenting with Whole Sign Houses, and will probably continue to do so for some time.

Finally, I want to thank Rob (if he chances to read this) for his time and hard work. Also, I want to recommend to any other readers that if they are ever afforded a chance to hear Rob Hand speak in person, they take it.