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The Blood MoonRedMoon

People looking up at the sky during the early morning in North American and other places will be able to see a “blood moon” eclipse on Wednesday. It’s always an event when the Sun, Moon and the Nodes of the Moons get together, but I think this eclipse is particularly interesting for a couple of reasons. (Click here to see a chart of the eclipse done for Washington, DC.)

First of all, there’s all the stuff going on in the sky at the time of the eclipse. This eclipse will be almost perfectly aligned with Uranus. The Moon will be conjunct Uranus and the Sun opposed. Even without the added drama of the eclipse, this is a disruptive aspect, creating the potential for accidents, erratic behavior and unexpected happening.

On top of this, the Moon and Uranus will be involved in a Grand Trine with Mars and Jupiter. This is an aspect of restlessness and expansion. Everyone feels lucky under this aspect, and it will be a rare bird who will take the safe or conservative approach to any activity. The Full Moon is always a time when some people feel the need to fly their “freak” flag. With this one, everyone will want to get into the act.

We already got a taste of this yesterday, when Dr. Gil Mobley went through airport security wearing hazmat gear. He did it to alert people to the danger of the Ebola virus entering the United States. A lot people are questioning this doctor’s message and his methods, but his “freak” flag was certainly flying high.

This bring us to the second reason I think this eclipse is particularly significant. This will be the last total eclipse (there will be a partial one on Oct. 23) before the square between Uranus and Pluto becomes exact for the last two times. Therefore, we can see it as a kind of auger for what these two last squares have in store for us.

In this context, the eclipse would seem to be predicting a lifting of restraints. In some ways that could be good. The recent Supreme Court ruling setting aside efforts by some states to ban gay marriage is an example of this. But what happens when the madmen running ISIS decide to put aside their restraints (few as they may be)? Do we what Vladimir Putin, or Kim Jong-il, or Hamas, letting it all hang out? There is a strong indication in this eclipse of dramatic events and violent times to come.

Still, the aspect is a Grand Trine, and with the Grand Trine there always an element of hope and a chance for completion. It could be that the dramatic events foretold in this eclipse will lead to an opening of static situations, and to peace instead of violence. After all, “blood” refers to the reddish color the Moon with show, not necessarily to its influence on life here on earth

So, how was your "blood Moon"?  Did you let your freak flag fly? Did you observer other people working out the big Grand Trine? We always welcome your comments.

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