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More Misery from Uranus and Pluto

With Uranus and Pluto preparing to make the last two steps of the 90 degree dance that they have been performing for the last three years, we have yet more evidence of the tragic influence this aspect is having on the lives of individual human being. A few days ago I wrote about the increase in gun violence that has occurred during this period (see Uranus and Pluto Gotta a Gun). Now we have statistics showing an acute rise in drug overdoses.

A report released by the Center for Disease Control shows a sharp rise in death due to heroin overdoses between 2010 and 2012. The study covered 28 states and about 50 per cent of the U. S. population. Though the recent death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman from a heroin overdose got a lot of attention, for the most part, heroin has been eclipsed as a concern in recent years by the rapid increase in the illegal use of prescription pain meds and methamphetamine. That makes this rise is the death rate even more suprising.

Once again, we have proof of what happens when we have a long term aspect like Uranus square Pluto adding its weight to other transiting aspects. If you have transiting Saturn squaring your natal Moon you are going to feel depressed. If the Uranus to Pluto square also gets into the act, either because one of both of the planets is near a angle (Ascendant, Midheaven, etc) of your horoscope, or in aspect with one of your natal planets, that depression could turn into a irresistible need to escape.

Obviously, some people deal with this sort of pressure better than others. This might be a matter of character, environment and, of course, their horoscope. But people who lack these resources would be susceptible to self-destructive behavior. If they are heroin users or have access to the drug, that self-destructive behavior could end up being counted in the statistics quoted above.

The news from around the world is full of reasons to worry.  Beheadings, Ebola, rouge nukes, demented dictators -- it’s a smorgasbord of alarm. But sometimes the toughest battles are those fought inside an individual’s head. Bad aspects don’t have to result in worldwide cataclysms. They can also spread their misery piecemeal, in different ways to different people who are just trying to get through the day.

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