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George Clooney Gets Marriedclooneyimage

When Uranus crosses someone’s natal Venus, astrologers expect radical things to happen regarding that person relationships. For many people this might be a sudden break-up or even a divorce. But for the world’s most famous bachelor, Uranus got radical in a very different direction. George Clooney got married. (Click here to see Clooney's horoscope.)

On April 28, when Clooney engagement to attorney Amal Alamuddin was announced, Uranus was at 13 degrees of Aries, conjunct Clooney’s Venus. Uranus then moved on. In July the planet went retrograde at 16 degrees Aries and began to move backwards (relative to the earth). It had arrived at 14 degrees Aries, (within a degree of Clooney’s Sun) on Sept. 27, when Clooney and Alamuddin were wed.

In keeping with this Uranian trend, Alamuddin is an Aquarian by Sun sign. Uranus is the modern ruler of that sign. And her activities as a human rights attorney are also in keeping with the symbolism of Aquarius and Uranus. Also, transiting Uranus was sextile Alamunddin’s Sun (which is sextile Clooney’s natal Venus).

It is interesting that Clooney’s Sun in Taurus and Alamuddin’s Sun in Aquarius are almost exactly in a square aspect. This indicates that we have too strong egos (both Taurus and Aquarius are stubborn, Fixed signs) that are going to compete for dominance.

This is not necessarily problematic. In fact, it can strengthen the relationship. A famous example of this is the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Victoria’s Sun in Gemini was square to Albert’s Sun in Virgo. Their marriage was extraordinarily close, but they had to work out a system for who was going to play the dominant role. In their personal life, Albert played the traditional role of the dominant male, while in their public life Victoria played the dominant role as the ruler of half the world.

Alamuddin and Clooney are going to have to work out a similar system but, since they are both mature and accomplished people working in very different fields, this shouldn’t be a problem.

A good omen for the marriage was the fact that Jupiter was at 15 degrees of Leo on their wedding day, square Clooney’s Sun and opposed to Alamuddin’s Sun. This indicates both were in the mood to celebrate (Jupiter), but not unaware of the difficulties ahead (stressful aspects).