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Uranus and Pluto Gotta Gun

For the last several years astrologers have talked a great deal about the “Cardinal Cross” and the 90 degree aspects between Uranus and Pluto. We have seen some drama changes in the world during this period covered by these aspects. There are the financial  crisis of 2008, explosive changes in the Middle East, Russia’s new militancy and aggressive posturing from the new regime in North Korea, just to name a few.

However, the influence of these aspects is not limited to world events. They impact the consciousness of individual humans in ways that increase stress and push people closer to the edge. Now we have statistical evidence of just how prevalent this influence has been.

A study by the F.B.I. was recently released showing a starling increase in the number of “active shooter” incidents in the United States during the six year period between 2006 and 2013. “Active shooter” killings are murders that are not gang or drug related, and do not involve domestic disputes. They are basically people shooting people they don’t really know for reasons that are, by any sane measure, irrational.

According to the study, between 2000 and 2006 there was an average of 6.4 of these incidents a year. Between 2007 and 2013 the yearly average increased to a staggering 16.4. During the latter period there were 160 “active shooter” incidents resulting in 486 fatalities. The worst year was 2012, during which 208 people were killed by “active shooters”.

The “Cardinal Cross” got started in 2008 when Saturn opposed Uranus for the first time. This was, of course, the beginning of the financial meltdown that brought us the “Great Recession”. You don’t need astrology to tell you that a lot of people were feeling desperate during this period.

But the shootings recorded by the F.B.I report did not peak until 2012, by which time the effects of the recession had significantly abated. The opposition between Saturn and Uranus was followed by the square between Uranus and Pluto, both in Cardinal signs. This aspect has been exact several times since 2010, and was exact twice in 2012.

What these long lasting transiting aspect do is add extra pressure to people who are already under difficult aspects. If that person also prone to violence and has access to firearms, that extra bit of pressure can have tragic results.

I’ve written about this phenomenon in other articles, particularly during 2012, which I labeled “The Year of the Monster.” Even though the F.B.I report verify what I and other astrologers have been saying for years, it difficult to find anything gratifying in those tragic number. All we can do is shake our heads, and wait to see what the last two exact aspects of Uranus and Pluto (in Dec. 2014 and Mar. 2015) will bring us.

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