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The Perfect AquarianLincolnImageRight

When Abraham Lincoln died his Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, called his the “perfect man.” I’m not sure if perfection is possible for any human being, but I will say this. Lincoln certainly represents the perfect Aquarian.

The best information we have about Lincoln’s time of birth is that it was at “sunrise.” This would mean that Aquarius was both his Sun sign and his Ascendant or Rising Sign. (Click here to see the chart.) Lincoln did not have any other bodies in Aquarius, but he had the sign’s traditional ruler, Saturn, strongly placed near the top of the chart, and its modern ruler, Uranus, trine his Mercury.

People tend to think of Abraham Lincoln as a rabid abolitionist, but in actuality his politics before he became president were fairly moderate. He had no ambitions of eliminating slavery in the states where it was already legal. He just wanted to prevent slavery for spreading into the new western territories.

On a personal level, Lincoln felt that slavery was abhorrent. However, Aquarius is an Air sign and Air signs are able to put aside their feelings and judge issues in a purely intellectual way. Intellectually, Lincoln knew that slavery had been deeply embedded into the Constitution of the United States (which, after all, had been written by a group of men that included many slave owners.) Regardless of his personal feelings, Lincoln could not go against the constitution.

This rational approach to problems allows Aquarian to remain calm and cool-headed no matter what the people around them are doing. During a time when politics was even more divisive than they are now, and political enemies often resorted to personal insults and even physical attacks, Lincoln distinguished himself by avoiding such invectives. Instead, he reached out to his political opponents and maintained friendly relations even with men who had defeated him in elections.

However, after Lincoln became President and the southern states began to succeed from the union, Lincoln showed the other side of Aquarius, the side that is willing to do radical things in order to further a just cause. Many times during his administration, most dramatically with the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln stained the limits of his constitutional authority or, in the eyes of many, completely shrugged them off. He did this because the preservation of the union required such radical actions.

We expect a lot out of Aquarius people. We look to them for calm in a storm and intellectual distance in situation overflowing with emotion and angst. They often seem to exert a quality of authority that reaches beyond their rank or social position. Of course, most Aquarians are not able to live up to all of these expectations. They are, after all, only human. So, it is good that we have someone like Abraham Lincoln, to show all that this a sign can be.

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