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Too Much MarsRayRiceImage

The controversy over the punch thrown by Baltimore running back, Ray Rice, at his girlfriend back in Feb. has spread like a cancer across the NFL, and brought needed attention to the broader issue of domestic violence. However, there is another issue to consider, the issue of too much Mars.

Athletes typically have Mars strongly placed in their horoscopes. This is a fact that has been statistically proven (by Michel Gauquelin). Mars not only confers physical strength, it is also provides the aggressiveness, competitiveness and love of physical activity that athletes have to possess. Mars is an essential ingredient in any horoscope, but it is particularly important in the horoscope of an athlete.

Even a horoscope charted with no time of birth reveals that Ray Rice has Mars very strongly placed. (Click here to see the partial horoscope.) He was born with Mars in Aries, its own sign, where it is particularly powerful.

But there also some things about Ray Rice’s Mars that are not so positive. It is square to Neptune, which diffuses at lot of the Mars energy and aggression and makes it difficult for him to focus it where it needs to go. Also, his Mars makes a very close quincunx aspect to Pluto. Pluto is like the darker side of Mars. It provides a slower, more malicious sort of violence. And since the aspect is a quincunx, this will be a characteristic that Rice will have trouble facing directly, or even identifying within himself.

On Feb. 15, 2014, the night that Rice punched his fiancé in the face and knocked her out, Uranus was conjunct his natal Mars. Rice had been dealing with this aspect for nearly a year. I understand that he had not performed as expected during the 2013 season. This would be one reason why.

Also on Feb. 15, Jupiter was square to transiting Uranus and to Rice’s natal Mars. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Sometimes this can be a good thing, giving us more of what we need. Other times it’s a bad thing, giving us much too much of what we don’t need. Standing in an elevator, arguing with his fiancé, Ray Rice did not need an overdose of Mars.

There are other astrological factors to consider. Mars could have been conjunct Rice’s natal Moon on that night, and the transiting Moon could have been quincunx to his natal Mars, but without a time of birth we can’t say anything definite about these aspects.

Still, the aspects made by Uranus and Jupiter are enough to explain Rice’s outburst, particularly when we consider the condition of Mars in his natal chart. Explaining it, of course, in no way excuses it.

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