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Can Jupiter Save President Obama?176px-official portrait of barack obama

Thus far 2014 has been a rough year for President Obama. Even as the economy has begun to show renewed vitality, problems overseas have beset his presidency and sapped public confidence in his administration. Of course, the fact that the conservative propaganda machine has been so vocal, threatening to sue Obama when he acts, and then condemning him roundly when he doesn’t, has not helped.

Now, as we approach the mid-term elections in November, the Democratic majority in the Senate seems to be in jeopardy. With the House of Representatives firmly in Republican hands, a Republican controlled Senate would give the GOP extraordinary leverage. They could make Obama a “lame duck” president with little power beyond the veto.

Right now transiting Jupiter is getting set to cross Obama’s natal Sun and between now and November it will conjunct his Descendant. Then, in December, Jupiter turns retrograde again and moves across his Descendant a second time. These aspects should be quite beneficial to the President’s popularity, and give him at least the appearance of being effectual.

What is in question is whether or not these Jupiter aspects will help the Democratic Party win Senate and House elections. Also, these Jupiter aspects are not the only thing impacting Obama’s horoscope in November. The square aspect of his secondary progressed Mars to his Saturn, an aspect that has troubled him for most of his administration, is separating but still dangerously close. Also, his secondary progressed Saturn is moving into a trine with his Mars, a good aspect between bad planets that would seem to predict a long, though ultimately victorious struggle.

And then we have the movement of transiting Saturn across Obama’s Midheaven. In my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in your Life, I discuss at length the predictive power of these Saturn aspects. Saturn crossing the Midheaven always brings important challenges and dramatic events into a person’s life. This aspect will hit President Obama in December that then again in July and Aug. 2017. This will be a period during which the president will be forced to prove his mettle, whether on a personal level or in the political arena.

I think there are two likely scenarios. In one the Jupiter bounce gives Obama the good fortune of holding on the majority in at least one house of congress. Then in Dec, or perhaps next summer he and the country will be forced into a major confrontation with either Putin in Russia, or ISIS terrorist, or possibly North Korea.

In the other, Democrats lose the Senate and the House and Obama becomes an embattled president. He will be forced to prove himself by holding the line against Tea Party extremist.

In either case, it should be an interesting autumn.

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