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Neptune and Joan Rivers

Astrologers typically back away from predicting death. If you’re wrong, you’ve caused someone a whole lot of needless worry. And, if you’re right, there’s no one around to congratulate you. But astrologers will tell you when not to schedule a medical procedure, and no astrologer is going to advise anyone to go under the knife when Neptune is active in their chart.

On the day that Joan Rivers went in the hospital for a procedure involving her throat, transiting Neptune (Neptune in the sky at that moment) was opposite her natal Neptune. This is an aspect that no one experiences more than once in their lifetime. It takes around 80 years for Neptune to move 180 degrees from it natal place. So that’s a fairly important aspect.(Click here to see Joan Rivers' Horoscope.)


Of course, Rivers had been under this aspect for months by the time she went into the hospital. What made it more immediate was the fact that the Sun was moving into a conjunction with her natal Neptune, and an opposition to transiting Neptune. To make matters worse, Rivers’ Neptune is in her Sixth House of health.

The Sixth House is the place any astrologer is going to look to when medical issues are in question. Rivers had Neptune, Mars and Jupiter in the Sixth. Mars and Jupiter are conjunct, a lucky aspect and an aspect that creates enthusiasm. Of course, Rivers had had considerable plastic surgery and was an advocate of these procedures. With Mars conjunct Jupiter in the Sixth, Rivers probably felt she had nothing to fear from surgery. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Mars and Jupiter that were in control on that day. It was Neptune.

Neptune is the planet of mystery, vagueness, distraction and just plain “oops”. Nothing goes right when Neptune is in control, and the reasons why are typically hard to pin down. So it’s not surprising that medical examiners are still unsure of Rivers’ cause of death, and the facility that conducted the procedure is now under investigation.

I could discuss some other aspects, like the fact that transiting Mars and transiting Saturn were conjunct in Rivers’ Eight House (ruling death), and transiting Uranus was quincunx Rivers’ Mars in her Sixth House of health, but let’s keep it simple. From an astrological point of view, Joan Rivers’ cause of death was the fact that she scheduled what she probably thought was as simple medical procedure on a day when Neptune was dominating her horoscope, a bad decision that turned into a tragic mistake.

So what do you see in Joan Rivers’ horoscope relating to her death? I’m always interested in hearing your comments, even when your opinions differ from my own.

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