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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Hackedjlawrenceimage

Which is worse, having embarrassing pictures that you thought you had deleted from your phone, resurrected and spread across the internet, or being publically castigated for taking the pictures in the first place? Personally, I’m not sure. But I do know a one-two punch from Mars when I see one.

On the day that illegally obtained nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other female celebrities appeared on the internet, Mars was square Lawrence’s natal Sun. Since we don’t have a time of birth for Lawrence, I can’t say which Houses of were involved, but Mars is in Scorpio, the sign traditionally associated with both secrets and sex. (Click here to see the partial horoscope.)

That was punch number one, a quick jab to Lawrence’s pride and sense of security. Then came a roundhouse to the jaw, probably unforeseen, as people lined up to blame her and the other women who were victimized for posing for the pictures. Have we reached a place in our social history in which a young woman enjoying her own body, maybe in the company of an appreciative and intimate companion, is viewed as a sin? I thought we were past that sort of thinking.

Of course, I also wonder why everyone is so interested. From what I hear, there are lots of pictures of naked people on the internet. Are the purloined photos of a celebrity really all that different?

The good thing about a hit from Mars is that it doesn’t usually have long term ramifications. The pain is sudden, intense and over after a short time. This event is not going leave any lasting impression on Lawrence’s career, or on the careers of the other women who were hacked. As for the people (mostly men, I suppose) who took advantage of the hacker’s crime and peeked at the photos, that’s just going to add a little more dead weight to their karmic baggage.

(Personally, I was not tempted, but if someone posted a copy of her birth certificate with a time of birth on it, I'd probably be all over it.)

A bigger problem for Lawrence is likely to come in October when Saturn moves into a square to her natal Sun. This is a much more significant and long term aspect. A Saturn transit to the Sun often brings illness, injury or some other sort of physical disability. It saps vitality and optimism, which typically leads to a period of listlessness and depression. Negative publicity is also possible.

For the several years now Jennifer Lawrence has been the beneficiary of the slow crossing of her natal Venus by her secondary progressed Jupiter. She has experienced a great deal of good fortune during this period, and she has displayed both the talent and the intelligence necessary to take the maximum advantage of this run of luck. Now the actress is going to have to adjust to life without Jupiter’s help.

So this current flap may just the beginning of a rougher time for Lawrence, a period during which she’s going have to deal with a lot more adversity and bad breaks. The real question for this young woman will be, not what kind of picture she has stashed away on her computer, but how she will adjust to this new astrological atmosphere.

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