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ISIS: The Quincunx Army

The aspect called a quincunx or inconjunct describes a relationship of 150 degree between two planets. It typically represents a situation in which there is tension that is difficult to locate or face head-on. Problems that come out of a quincunx often surprise us, and they cannot be dealt with in a straightforward fashion.  A quincunx aspect is never as troublesome or explosive as a square or opposition, but its influence can just as disturbing.

The Islamic extremist group that calls itself ISIS came into prominence in the Middle East during two quincunx aspects: Saturn quincunx Uranus and Jupiter quincunx Pluto. For the United States, ISIS has thus far presented a quincunx problem. No one wants to renew the Iraqi War, but the atrocities committed by ISI make it difficult for Americans to stand aside. It is a problem we did not expect and one that we don’t want to face in a direct way.

Of course, in the background there is always the fact that if the U.S. hadn’t deposed Saddam Hussein, ISIS would have probably never become the threat that it is.  Hussein was a bad guy, but his dictatorial control of Iraq kept the lid on extremist elements like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

However, even though the power of ISIS became evident to the outside world when Saturn was quincunx Uranus and has continued to grow in power with Jupiter quincunx Pluto, it seems obvious that it was born out of the Uranus square Pluto aspect that has been bedeviling us for several years now. Over and over, this square has engendered extremism. ISIS is just the latest, and perhaps the most dangerous of these extremist movements.

As I have said in other article, a square aspect is like a bad marriage. It brings out the worst in both parties. Uranus is about revolution. It wants to overthrow the existing order and replace it with something that, at least in the abstract, seems more rational and pure. At its worst, however, Uranus is arrogant and unfeeling. Morality and decency mean nothing if they stand in the way of the revolution.

Pluto is about power. It seeks to bring discordant elements under control, to locate the deeper connections that link different peoples and can motivate them to pursue a common goal. At its worse, Pluto views every contrary opinion, every complaint or objection as a threat to its control and its power. And Pluto often reacts to these threats in extreme and violent ways.

The square between Uranus and Pluto will be exact again in Dec. and, for the last time, in March. Around this time, I think ISIS will cease to be a “quincunx” problem for the U.S and the rest of the world, and we be forced to act on it in a more direct way. I would hope that our actions will be motivated by compassion and humanitarian concerns. However, since U.S. companies now control the oil fields in the area, my guess is that money and corporate interests will also be a deciding factor.

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