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Dr. Who is Martian (Sort of)TardisImage

I’m a relatively new fan of Dr. Who. I started watching the BBC series back when Christopher Eccleston had the role and have followed the program through David Tennant and Matt Smith. Now, that the venerable British S.F. icon has regenerated yet again and Peter Capaldi has taken over as the Doctor, I decided to look at the partial horoscopes of these four actors (we have no times of birth) and see what astrological factors might unite them.

What I found surprised me. I had expected to see an emphasis on Uranus (Dr. Who is nothing if not eccentric) or Mercury (the Doctor uses his wits to defeat his various enemies). But what I found was a whole lot of Mars.

Christopher Eccleston is an Aquarian by Sun sign, but he was born with Venus, Jupiter and quite possibly the Moon in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars. (Click here to see his partial horoscope done for noon.)

David Tennant is an Aries by Sun sign and he has Mars sextile his Venus and possible conjunct his Moon. (Click here to see Tennant's partial chart.)

Matt Smith is a Scorpio by Sun sign. In traditional astrology (astrology as it was practiced before the discovery of the outer planets) Mars was the ruler Scorpio. Mars is further accented in his horoscope by close aspects to three slower moving planets, a conjunction to Neptune and a sextile to Pluto and Saturn. (Click here to see a partial horoscope for Matt Smith.)

Like David Tennant, Peter Capaldi is an Aries by Sun sign and he also has Mercury in Aries. His Aries Sun forms a sextile with Mars. (Click here to see his partial horoscope.)

As I said, seeing all of this Mars and Aries stuff in the charts of these actors rather surprised me. And then I realized that, even though he may not swing a sword or fire a ray gun, Dr. Who is a warrior. His job is to protect the Earth from all sorts of interplanetary scum: Daleks, Cybermen, the Silence and a whole array of baddies wearing rubber masks. And, as a warrior, he has to fight. He has to get angry and seek to destroy his enemies. He has to be Martian.

We see this fighting spirit, this Aries anger, simmering beneath the surface of the different portrayals of the Doctor. It was particularly evident in the way Eccleston and Tennant played the role, and I have a feeling that it will be a big part of Capaldi’s version.

What makes Dr. Who so special is that his rage is always under control. It is expressed through his intelligence and resourcefulness. This is what makes Dr. Who a different kind of action hero, and has kept several generations of fans watching.

Okay, all you Dr. Who fans, who is your favorite Doctor? And what did you learn from looking at their partial horoscopes. You comments and opinions are always welcome.


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