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Venus Behaving Badly

In the Aug. 2014 issue of the ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) Journal, Christopher R. Funk published a study on the sign positions of Venus in the horoscopes of 101 prostitutes. His study produced some significant results.

First of all, I should point out that Mr. Funk’s study assumes that women become prostitutes of their own volition. This may the case for some, but for others financial and social pressures force the issue. I find the information from Funk’s study interesting, but I also feel that a more in-depth study would have to consider this and other factors.

 Four Venus signs scored higher than the expected average in Mr. Funks study: Aries, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius. In his analysis of the data, Funk tries to find an astrological factor that links all four signs. I look at it another way. I think that each of these Venus signs lends itself to the kind of behavior associated with prostitution for very different reasons.

Venus in Aries is motivated by adventure. Here the risks associated with this lifestyle would possible just add to its attraction. With Venus in Aries sex can become a contest. You chose me because I’m the prettiest, the sexiest, the most likely to please you. When I walk away from this encounter with your money, I win.

Venus in Virgo scored the highest of all the Venus signs in Funk’s study, and this not a surprise. With Venus in Virgo sex can easily become a transaction, a simple physical act free of emotional or spiritual adornments. What you pay depends on what you need, and how badly you need it. If you need sexual release and I need money, where’s the problem?

Venus in Scorpio is a little bit different. Here physical pleasure is not really the issue. Instead, it’s all about power. Your desire gives me power over you. The money I take from you is a measure of that power, but it is only one measure. I also feed on your secrets and your guilt.

With Venus in Aquarius, sex can become an act of rebellion. Here it is more about the lifestyle, and thumbing one’s nose at those people who disapprove. I’m different. I don’t have to play by the rules of conventional society. I may let you touch my body, but you will never touch that part of me that makes me so unique.

Naturally, what I’m describing here is behavior that is at one end of a very broad scale. There is nothing in the nature of Venus in Aries, Virgo, Scorpio or Aquarius that makes prostitution probable. It’s just that the nature of these Venus signs make it somewhat more likely for them than for Venus signs.

The Venus signs that scored the lowest in Funk’s study, Taurus, Gemini and Libra, are not necessarily more moral than Venus in Aries, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius; they just have priorities than tend to prohibit that lifestyle. Venus in Taurus is typically too conventional and too adverse to change do well as a prostitute. With Venus in Gemini sex is more an intellectual exercise. If we were studying people who got paid just to talk about sex, Gemini might be at the top. But not in this study.  Venus in Libra is the most idealistic of the Venus signs. Here the preceived “dirtiness” of sex of hire would be a big obstacle.

This doesn’t mean that people with Venus in these signs are incapable of becoming prostitutes. It only means that it is less likely.

I'd like to hear what you think of Mr. Funks study, particularly if you have Venus in one of the signs I’ve mentioned. We always appreciate your comments.