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Rick Perry Gears up for Big SaturnRickPerryImage

Even people who don’t follow U.S. politics probably remember Rick Perry for his massive ”brain fart” during the Republican presidential primary in 2012, when he proposed closing three government agences in a debate, but could only recall two of them. This sort of intellectual laxity is typical of a Sun sign Pisces, but the voting public wasn’t sympathetic. The Texas governor’s chance to become the standard bearer for the conservative wing of the Republican Party died with that “oops” moment.

Lately, Governor Perry has been back in the news. First he mobilized the Texas National Guard to help protect the Texas border with Mexico from an influx of Guatemalan children. Then Democrats in Texas sued the Governor for using his veto power to coerce certain groups. Perry has used this last incident to paint himself as a victim of left wing plotters. A lot of people think that Perry is positioning himself as the conservative’s conservative, and for another run at the presidency.

A look at Perry’s horoscope shows that he has the astrological credentials to become “the conservative’s conservative.” (Click here to see the chart.) Perry’s Moon is almost in an exact conjunction with Saturn, with the Sun in a little wider opposition. The kind of conservatism that focuses on protecting the country’s borders and maintaining the status quo is all about Saturn. So, in this sense, Perry’s horoscope makes him the perfect “Tea Party” candidate.

Over the next couple of years, transiting Saturn will be very active in Rick Perry’s horoscope. In November of this year, and again in July 2015, Saturn will be on his Descendant. Then, in 2016, Saturn will be square its natal position in March and November. This is significant because in March, 2016, the Republican primary will be in full swing in preparation for the election in November. (You can learn more about Saturn Cycles in my book Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life.)

This indicates to me that Rick Perry’s political career is heading for a major turning point. Given his proven ambition in that direction, I have to believe that he will be a major contender for the Republican nomination in 2016. Will he win? Well, we don’t have complete charts for any of the other possible Republican contenders, but given that most of them are congressmen, and considering the low opinion most American have of congress, you have to think that Perry has an advantage.

If he does decide to run for the presidency, the problems Perry will have to contend with will have more to do with himself than his opposition. People with strong Saturn aspects like Perry’s are typically their own worst critics. They are also prone to depression and self-sabotage. The question for Governor Perry, as he goes through these Saturn transits, will be whether or not he has gained control of these self-defeating tendencies. For Saturn people who master this side of Saturn’s influence; the sky is the limit. For those who don’t . . . well, it could be another “oops” moment.

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