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Pluto in the Horoscope of Robin Williams

Astrologers often point to Saturn as the planet that is most closely associated with depression, but Pluto can cast a shadow that is equally as dark. The negativity of Pluto can be overwhelming. Bad things seem inevitable, inescapable and even fated. With Saturn we typically blame ourselves for our misery. With Pluto there is no one to blame, except maybe the world, or god or the universe.

Robin Williams had his Mercury (the way we think) conjunct Pluto on his Midheaven. (Click here to see the chart.) Like many comedians (and artists of all types) Williams’ made his demons a part of his work. His struggle with them was played out on stage and in front of the camera for our entertainment. His rapid fire wit was a necessary defense. How else could he stay ahead of Pluto’s encroaching dread? His ability to play serious, even villainous roles came as no surprise. He was just channeling the dark Pluto energy that hung heavy at the top of his horoscope.

On the day before Williams’ suicide there was a Full Moon in which the Sun was directly on Williams’ natal Pluto, and within range of a conjunction with his natal Midheaven. (The Moon was, of course, opposite these positions.) Saturn was in square both to the transiting Full Moon and to Williams’ natal Pluto. Meanwhile, transiting Pluto was opposed to Williams’ natal Mars and Uranus, a long term aspect that had been applying pressure to Williams’ psyche since early 2013. This explains why Williams had recently sought help in rehab.

You don’t have to know a lot about of astrology to recognize how many times I typed Pluto in that paragraph. Even with astrology, it is not always easy to know when a person will attempt suicide. This is possibly because the decision to do it is made long before the opportunity to carry it through arrives. But, in Williams’ case, the astrological indicators of a crisis point were all too evident. It is unfortunate that there was no one around him or his family who could have this combination of aspects and sounded the alarm.

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