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A Zodiac of Founding Fathers: George Washington

People don’t often think of Pisces folks as great leaders, and yet one of the greatest leaders in American history was born with the Sun in that sign. That would be George Washington: our first general, our first president and the guy whose wooden-toothed frown adorns every dollar bill.

Leadership might not be a word that jumps out at you when you read a description the Pisces personality, but it’s there. What sets Pisces folks apart from the rest of us is their capacity to believe. Pisces people don’t arrive at their beliefs through logic or rational argument. Instead, they follow their intuition, their feelings and their emotional wisdom. And once a Pisces has latched on to a belief, a vision, they commit to it with their entire being: body, mind and soul.

It is the intensity of these beliefs, and the strength of the emotions that come with them that make Pisces people great leaders. Because their commitment to their beliefs is so complete, they create what you might call an emotional jet stream. We might try to resist. We might try to rationalize and find fault. But, it’s hard to escape being carried along by the enthusiasm of a Pisces with a vision.

No one playing the odds, or making a rational assessment of the situation would have taken on the task of commanding the Continental Army in 1775. It was an odd assortment of militiamen that was about to take on Britain’s highly trained and well-armed mercenaries and regulars. And yet, Washington took the job. He even campaigned for it, in his subtle Pisces way, by wearing his military uniform to the Continental Congress.

During his five year tenure as commander of the colonial forces Washington won exactly two battles, a surprise attack on British forces at Trenton, New Jersey, and the Battle of Yorktown (in which he had the considerable help of the French fleet.) And yet he won the war. He won by continually avoiding a decisive battle with his foes. He kept his army together during all this dodging and retreating through the force of his unflinching belief in their cause.

Another thing about Pisces people in leadership positions is that they often inspire extraordinary loyalty. They bond emotionally with the people who follow them, as well as people who work with them, and those emotional ties can endure tremendous adversity. So it is no wonder that, after the war was won, the men who had served under Washington and worked with him unanimously chose him to be the first President of the United States.

There are many other things going on in the horoscope of George Washington. (Click here to see the chart.) For one thing, he had the Moon in Capricorn. In my book, Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo I describe the combination of the Sun in Pisces with the Moon in Capricorn as being more realistic than the typical Sun sign Pisces and better prepared when their dreams fall flat.

It was this streak of realism and practicality that allowed Washington to be such an effective general, and president. And yet, above all else, it was George Washington’s Pisces capacity to dream, to hold to a vision of a new and better world that made him great leader that he was.

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