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An Angry Sun and a Major Near Miss

Scientist are now telling us that on July 23, 2012 a blast of solar energy, sufficient to scuttle just about everything electronic on this planet, narrowly missed hitting the Earth. If this solar storm had hit us it would have blacked out much of our world and caused billions of dollars of damage. Needless to say, our tech dependent species would have been in some deep do-do.

I did a chart for noon (Greenwich Time) on that day and, of course, saw that the Uranus to Pluto square, that I and other astrologers had been talking about for so long, was within a degree of being exact. (Click here to see the chart.) For those folks who have been predicting a major disaster coming from this aspect, having this solar storm hit us would have been the ultimate vindication.

But it didn’t happen. Even though Mars was positioned close enough to turn the Uranus/Pluto aspect into a T-Square, the Earth was saved. We might point to the fact that Jupiter was sextile Uranus and say that this was the beneficent aspect that saved us. However, I’m thinking of a deeper cause.

In the book "Notes from the Holocene," Dorion Sagan (son of Carl) points out that life on our planets owes its development to a long series of these near misses. One instance happened millions of years ago when our Sun, still relatively young, went through a period of pronounced instability. Solar storms much, much more powerful that the one that missed us on July 23, buffeted the Earth for more than a thousand years.

This happened at a time when microscopic life was just beginning to develop on our planet. If these tender, new microscopes had been exposed to the full brunt of those solar storms then that long, evolutionary march toward what we consider intelligent life on this planet would have been stopped in its tracks.

But instead something remarkable occurred. For reasons no one is quite sure about, the Earth developed a thick cloud cover during this period. The cloud cover deflected the solar energy and allowed life to flourish. When the solar storms ceased, the cloud cover went away.

What does this have to do with astrology? Plenty. Astrology is based on the notion that we live in a purposeful universe and that human beings, or intelligent life, hold a special place in that purpose. Furthermore, astrology presumes that everything is connected, that the placement of planets that can’t even be seen from Earth can influence your character and your fate. Events like the ones cited above help us verify these daring presumptions.

So what about the Uranus to Pluto Square? If it’s not going to blackout our cell phones and computers and send us back to the Stone Age (or at least the 1950s) what’s it going to do. We still have two exact passes remaining, in Dec, 2014, and March 2015 and, with the situations that are developing in the Ukraine and Middle East; we seem to be in for some dire changes. I’m confess that I’m still not sure that those changes will be, but I am sure that life on this planet will go on. We just have to be prepared to do what we can to make it worthwhile.


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