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Malaysia Airlines B738
Astrology and Flight 17

The downing of the Malaysian airplane over the Ukraine yesterday has captured the attention of everyone around the world. In the U.S., because of the possible involvement of Russia, it has brought back the chill of the cold war. But a horoscope done for the time the flight took off indicates that the investigation of this horror will bring us little satisfaction. (Click here to see the horoscope.)

First we see that the Sun was within a degree of squaring Mars when Flight MH 17 departed Amsterdam. By itself, this is an aspect that indicates violence, but not being shot out of the sky. A more likely scenario might be unusual turbulence during the flight, and maybe a few rude and impatient passengers.

However, it is interesting that Mars is very close to the North Node of the Moon, and the Sun is at “the Bending”, close to 90 degrees from the two nodes. Though the Nodes of the Moon are typically linked to personal issues, like karma, past lives and spiritual bonds, this connection does add more weight to the Mars square Sun aspect. Aspects to the Nodes of the Moon (transiting, natal and progressed) often figure in horoscopes charted for the day a person dies.

The heaviest aspect in the chart is the quincunx between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents established authority, while Uranus is the urge to rebel and tear down authority. It is easy to see how the connection of these two planets could be associated with the civil war in Ukraine. And it is that conflict that will certainly be at the center of any investigation of the crash of Flight 17.

And yet, the quincunx is not an aspect of direct confrontation. A quincunx often indicates trouble, but it is trouble that comes from a source that is difficult to identify or difficult to reach. It comes at us from our blind side and leaves us frustrated and uncertain about who to blame. Also, quincunx aspects rarely describe definitive actions. They are typically distractions that are only provisionally linked to the main thrust of events.

This is why I think that the investigation of this tragedy will be fraught with delays and frustrations. Clear answers will prove elusive and determining the real culprit behind the downing of the aircraft will be difficult. The people who fired the missile that destroyed Flight 17, whether they were Ukrainian or separatist, are unlikely to face any sort of punishment.

Saturn will be within a degree of its quincunx to Uranus until the middle of August. After that point, maybe some substantial information about this horrific event will be forthcoming. However, by that time the civil war in Ukraine could well have moved out of the headlines, and the world’s attention will be directed elsewhere