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Labron James Goes HomeLabronJamesImage

Recently basketball great, Labron James, proved that you can go home again when he left the Miami Heat, the team with which he won two NBA championships, and returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers. James was born in Akron, near Cleveland.

 A few years ago, James broke the hearts of Cleveland basketball fans when he left that team for Miami. In the Miami Heat he saw a team that had pockets deep enough to afford the supporting players that would make a national championship possible. That was a practical, Capricorn decision. Now an older, richer and perhaps wiser Labron James has reversed himself and returned to his northern Ohio roots.

In an article James wrote for Sports Illustrated, he indicates that a return to Cleveland had been a part of his “grand plan” ever since he left. This kind of long range thinking is typical for Capricorn. But, the timing of James’ big move also had a lot to do with astrology. (Click here to see a horoscope for Labron James charted for noon on his birthday.)

Last February Saturn crept to within a degree of James’ natal Saturn and then began to move retrograde. It will turn direct next week and complete the conjunction to its natal place in James’ horoscope in November. This will be James’ first Saturn Return, a major stepping stone in his Saturn cycle. (You can learn more about Saturn cycles in my book, Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life.)

For most of us the first Saturn Return is the time when really begin living like an adult. It often coincides with the acceptance of major responsibilities, such as a serious step forward in one’s career, or a marriage, or the birth of a child or the purchase of a house.

For James (who began is basketball career fresh out of high school) it is a time to reassess priorities. He was following his competitive Aries Moon when he left Cleveland. He wanted the experience of winning it all. Now he more concerned about the stability of his family and his own spiritual well-being. It’s a step-up in maturity, just what a Saturn Return is supposed to represent.

Another interesting note on Labron James’ natal Saturn is the fact that is conjunct the South Node in his horoscope. In my research on planets conjunct the nodes of the Moon, I’ve found this same placement in the charts of people who pursue lost causes. James has stated that his ultimate goal is to bring a NBA championship to Cleveland. That might be the cause that will give this marvelous athlete, who has experienced so many victories in his life, a taste for losing.

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