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Believing in Astrology

I used to get a little angry when people asked me if I believed in astrology. For me the efficacy of astrology has always seemed self-evident. I never use any astrological technique or idea that I have not tested, and I am always ready to rethink, or even jettison, concepts and practices when I see that they do not work. Belief plays no part in this. I typically answered this question with a snarky, “I don’t believe in astrology. I use astrology!”

I didn’t like the word “believe” because I know that people believe and have believed in all sorts of silly notions. They’ve also believed in some notions that have gotten millions of people (who believed in something different) killed. Belief is a dangerous commodity. It blinds the rational mind and skews our concept of right and wrong.

But recently I’ve reevaluated the practice of believing. It occurs to me that everyone believes in something. Even the neo-atheists, who trust nothing that cannot be scientifically proven, believe in quantum mechanics, even though we still have no idea how or why this theoretical system works the way it does. They also put great faith in the concept of natural selection, the Great God of Randomness, even though this belief forces them into a mathematical fantasy world of alternate dimension and multitudinous universes.

So I’ve decided the issue is not whether or not I believe in astrology, but why I believe in astrology. I have no problem answering this question.
I believe in astrology because it is a system of knowledge that makes human beings an integral part of the universe in which they live. There are many other systems that do this, and all of them are based on an idea that, at first glance, might seem utterly rediculous.  I could choose to believe in the teachings of Zoroaster, or Mani, or Buddha, or Jesus or Mohammed, or Madam Blavatsky, or Philip K. Dick. Instead, I choose to believe in astrology.

The alternative is to assume that humanity has no connection with the universe, that we are simply an accident of evolution, an aberrant species of big-headed apes that has recently infested the Earth and which will, in due time, disappear; drowning ignobly in its own filth. That alternative seems a bit grim to me.

So now when I’m asked whether I believe in astrology, I can say, “yes.” To some it might indicate a certain level of credulity on my part. I’m willing to accept this. It is better to be thought a fool with hope for humanity than to be praised for your short-sighted cynicism.

So do you "believe" in astrology. If so, tell me why. We're are always interested in your comments.

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