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John Boehner: Jumpin’ JupiterJohn Boehner

Speaker of the House, John Boehner has made news recently by threatening to sue President Obama for failing to faithfully execute the constitutional duties of his office. His proposed lawsuit has gotten a lot of attention from the press, and brought down criticism from both the right and the left. It has been called a spurious action designed to either divert public attention from congressional inaction, and as a “feckless” ducking of the real issues. Despite these criticisms, Boehner seems determined to see the President in court.

There are several interesting things going on in John Boehner horoscope right now. (Click here to see a double chart with Boehner’s horoscope charted for noon and the current transits.) Transiting Pluto is conjunct Boehner’s Venus. This tells us that this lawsuit is more than a political maneuver; that the Speaker feels emotionally justified in what he is doing. Meanwhile, Uranus is opposed to Boehner’s Neptune and possibly his Moon. Perhaps Boehner is seeking a clear and daring path through the morass that partisan politics and divisions within his own party have created in Congress.

But the most interesting aspect going on in Boehner’s chart right now is the opposition of transiting Jupiter to his natal Jupiter. Jupiter expands the ego and spurs us to attempt great things. If Boehner were to succeed in his lawsuit it would be a historic moment. It would forever change the balance of power between Congress and the presidency. This could be one reason why some conservatives are critical of the lawsuit idea, since Republican’s (in particular Dick Cheney) worked hard to extend the power of the executive branch during the Bush administration.

This Jupiter aspect has double relevance to Boehner’s proposal because Jupiter is also the planet associated with court proceedings. It is through Jupiter that we cry for the intercession of authority in situations we regard as unjust. Of course, the final judgment in this regard is made through Saturn. Boehner is responding to Jupiter’s call. Saturn, which is sextile his natal Saturn right now, might be seen as leaning his way, but that may not last.

Pundits are predicting that Boehner’s lawsuit could drag on until the autumn, when it could influence congressional elections. By that time Uranus will have moved retrograde (backwards relative to the earth) to square Boehner’s Venus, and transiting Saturn will be moving into a square to his natal Jupiter. If Boehner truly feels that he has been emotionally wronged by Obama, he is likely to get his heart broken during these aspect.