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Saturn, Pluto and the Watergate Scandal

In my last article I discussed the relationship between Saturn, Uranus and the American Civil War. This time I’m going to focus on Saturn and Pluto and a more recent historical event, the Watergate Scandal and the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

The Watergate Scandal unfolded gradually. The burglary of the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate hotel complex took place on June 17, 1972. President Nixon resigned on Aug. 9, 1974. The process that connected these two events was long and full of twists and turns. There were several significant moments, and it is difficult to say which was most important, until you look at the aspects.

The “big” aspect for that period was the square of Saturn in Cancer to Pluto in Libra. This aspect became exact on Sept. 14, 1973, Oct. 7, 1973 and May 27, 1974.

On Oct. 20, 1973 Nixon ordered his Attorney General to fire Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor who was investigating the Watergate affair. Cox had subpoenaed tape recordings made in the Oval Office that Nixon feared (rightly so) would be incriminating.  When the Attorney General and his chief assistant both resigned rather than carry out his command, Nixon went down the pecking order of the Justice Dept. until he found someone willing to fire Cox.

This became known as the “Saturday Night Massacre”, and it raised an enormous outcry. Three weeks later, on Nov. 17, in a televised speech to the Associated Press, Nixon made his famous “I’m not a crook” statement, and said he welcomed the investigation. A new special prosecutor was appointed and the subpoena stood.

At the time of the “Saturday Night Massacre” the square between Saturn and Pluto was within 24 minutes of the arc. (Click here to see the horoscope.) Neptune, Jupiter and Mars were also involved, setting up a very dynamic chart. The key aspect, however, is the one between Saturn and Pluto. Pluto represents power, Saturn the rules that govern and control. In firing Cox, Nixon had reached beyond the bounds of the law in order to exercise his power. And since we’re talking about Saturn, for this offense he had to pay.

It may be hard to believe now, but in 1973 Richard Nixon was a popular president. After all, he had just won reelection in the largest landside in American history. The “Saturday Night Massacre” changed this. People who had supported the President began to wonder why a man who said he had nothing to hide would make such a desperate effort to conceal his daily activities.

More importantly, Nixon’s failed attempt at eliminating the special prosecutor and his subpoena made it inevitable that the tapes of Nixon’s candid conversations with his operatives would become public. The President was able to delay the release of these recording for several months, but by now his enemies smelled blood and they would not be deterred.

The White House tapes, which were finally released in July, 1974, not only further implicated Nixon in the cover up (even with a suspicious 18 minute gap in the recordings), they revealing Nixon at his conniving, foul-mouthed, paranoid worst.  Nixon was able to avoid impeachment by resigning his office, but his reputation and the legacy of his presidency were left in tatters.

In this series I’ve made the point that it is the events that coincide with close aspects involving the other planets that most influence public opinion. In the long and convoluted history of the Watergate scandal, the “Saturday Night Massacre” was such an event. Maybe it was appropriate that it happened on Saturn’s day, because it was the planet Saturn that helped bring down a president.