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Saturn, Uranus and the Civil WarFtSumterImage

I’ve been having a lot of fun looking at the big events in European history and matching them with equally big aspects involving the outer planets. Now, let’s take a look at American history; in particular the Civil War.

The election of Abraham Lincoln as president in 1860 was a huge shock of advocates of slavery in the United States. Lincoln was a Republican and, even though he denied being an abolitionist, slave holders regarded the Republican Party as an enemy to their way of life.

So, what were the Southern states going to do? Would they accept Lincoln’s promise that he would not interfere with slavery where it already existed? Would they seek to influence policy through their representatives in Congress?  Or would they do something more radical?

The answer came on December, 20, when South Carolina succeded from the union. Other states quickly followed and, in February, 1961, representatives from these states met to form the Confederate States of America.

Now it was a waiting game. No one expected this situation would be left to stand without a fight, but neither side wanted to appear to be the aggressor. To make matters more confusing, at that time the new president was not inaugurated until March. That left the situation in the hands his predecessor, James Buchanan, whose unwillingness to make tough decisions has long since been established.

By the time Lincoln was inaugurated the hot issue was whether to attempt to resupply Fort Sumter, which sat in the middle of the harbor in Charleston, South Carolina. Confederate forces had surrounded the fort with the intent of starving the federal soldiers there into surrendering. Lincoln decided to make an attempt to get supplies to the fort. To the southerners, this was seen as an act of war.

The bombardment of Fort Sumter, which began at 4:30 AM on Apr. 12, 1861 is generally accepted as the beginning of the Civil War. But a horoscope drawn for that date in not particularly remarkable. Nor is a chart done for the day Lincoln was elected, Nov. 6, 1860. The chart that shows the most dramatic aspects is one done for noon on Dec. 20, 1860, the day South Carolina succeded. (Click here to see the horoscope.)

In this chart we have Saturn and Uranus in a nearly exact square, an aspect that clearly describes the breaking down of established structure by revolutionary fervor.  On top of this we have Jupiter in a nearly exact quincunx with Neptune. Together, Jupiter and Neptune represent a grand and seductive dream, a “Cause”. The quincunx aspect tells us that the foundation of that dream is faulty.

In previous articles I have pointed out that the perfection of transiting aspects of the outer planets doesn’t always coincide with events labeled as significant by historians, but that they often do coincide with events that are meaningful to the masses.

The majority of the people living in the South in1860 were not politicians or slave owners, just as the majority of people living in the North were not abolitionists. For them, Lincoln’s election did not alter the way they saw the world. However, the idea that their beloved United States was being torn asunder did, and that idea was made into a reality when South Carolina succeded. The bombardment of Fort Sumter was an inevitable, if somewhat delayed, outcome of that act.