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What’s Up with Shia LaBeouf?

A lot of people have been asking that question lately. We have the “I’m not famous” paper bag thing, the one-man “art” show thing and, most recently, an arrest for disorderly conduct at a Broadway show. LaBeouf is on his way to becoming this year’s Charlie Sheen.

A quick look at his horoscope, even without a time of birth tells the story. (Click here to see the partial horoscope.) LaBeouf has his Gemini Sun, Jupiter and Uranus involved in a tight T-square. This is an intense young man with a broad streak of non-conformity. The Sun opposite Uranus is the classic indicator of a person who refuses to fit in, to knuckle under to any perceived authority, and Jupiter expands both the ego and the need to broadcast this rebellion.

On top of this T-square, we have close opposition between Venus and Mars. Also, if LaBeouf was born any time before 4PM, he will have the Moon square Pluto. This means that seven out the ten astrological bodies in his horoscope could be stressed by hard aspects. With all this going on in is natal horoscope, it’s no wonder that LaBeouf’s behavior is raising eyebrows.

And what’s this about a person with the Moon in Leo proclaiming, “I’m not famous.” The Moon in Leo craves attention. People with this placement are constantly seeking affirmation and praise. What we see here is the contrarian tendencies of Uranus opposed to the Sun at its worst, combined with the Gemini tendency to over-think a situation. Unfortunately for LaBeouf, the conflicts that infest his horoscope are not going to be solved by a clever application of reverse psychology.

In my new book “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo” I point out that the combination of the Sun in Gemini with the Moon in Leo is extremely creative, but it brings a tendency toward arrogance and self-involvement. The way out of this self-involvement is to establish and live by firm principles or standards that are life-affirming and love-inspired.

Somewhere during his journey from poverty to fame and fortune, Shia LaBeouf seems to have lost contact with his version of those principles. This is something that ambitious people frequently struggle with. It may be that the bizarre antics of the past few months are LaBeouf’s way of relocating those principles. Let’s hope he finds them real soon.


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