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Iraq, George Bush and Pluto

Saturn and Pluto are the disciplinarians of the astrological solar system. Saturn reprimands us when we fail at matters within our human purview, when we do not live up to the potential described in our horoscopes because of bad planning, poor preparation or unworthy motives.

Pluto tells us when we have reached beyond the limits of our human capacity, when though idealism or hubris we have attempted to change trends that are too deeply ingrained with the ways of the universe to be altered. Pluto reprimands us when we fly in the face of fate, or ignore the immutable factors involving human nature and natural laws.

I thought of this when I looked at the transits impacting the horoscope of former President George W. Bush. (Click here to see a double horoscope for George W. Bush and his current transits.)

Years ago, when George Bush announced his intention to bring “freedom” to the people of Iraq, a lot of people doubted his sincerity. But, regardless of the motivations of some of his advisors, but I always felt that this was Bush’s true intention. With the Moon in Libra conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus, Bush is an idealist with a worldview that is both optimistic and skewed by his personal belief system.

Now, of course, we see a new generation of Muslim extremists cutting out a broad and bloody swath of Iraq and taking control. The images of brave Iraqi citizens proudly casting their votes in free elections has been exchanged for images of fearful civilians fleeing war zones and brutal executions. The seeds of democracy that George Bush sought to plant in the Middle East seem to have been lost to the winds of history.

 At the present time Pluto is opposite George Bush’s natal Sun. Though Bush has yet to make a public statement about the situation in Iraq, his disappointment can be assumed. If there was ever any hope of salvaging the legacy of the Bush presidency, the dissolution of Iraq would certainly put an end to it.

The troubles Iraq can be attributed to many different factors. There is the age old conflict between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, the fact that the Iraqi state was from the very beginning an artificial construct created by British geopolitical concerns and the difficulty of introducing the vagaries of democracy to a people used to the certainty of “strong man” rule. However, behind all these possible causes stands Pluto, having a laugh at our presumptions that one hopeful idea could change generations of human ignorance.

Pluto is not the only planet molesting George Bush’s horoscope right now. Uranus is opposite his Moon. This is no doubt a difficult time for the former President and I would not be surprised to see reports of a health crisis or some other problem. However, the presence of Pluto has certainly brought one message to George Bush -- no matter how sterling your intentions, you can’t change what will not be changed.

What are your feelings about the relationship between astrology and the crisis in Iraq? We are always interested in the opinions of our readers.