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Elliott Rodger: A “Lonely” Leo with a Gun

Sometimes when you look at a person’s horoscope the source of his or her avowed complaint is so obvious that it’s almost funny. And other times, when the person with that horoscope has acted on his or her complaint in a tremendously stupid and destructive fashion, it’s not funny at all.

That’s the case with the Santa Barbara gunmen, Elliot Rodger. Rodger claimed that the source of the rage that caused him to go on a shooting spree that left six people dead and 13 wounded was loneliness. He felt that, as a descent looking guy who drove a BMW, he as entitled to a girlfriend, and that the fact the he didn’t have a female companion, and was still a virgin at 22, was somehow the fault of the women of the world.

Not surprisingly, a look at Rodger’s partial horoscope tells a different story. (We do not have a time of birth for Rodger. To see a horoscope charted for noon on his birthday, click here.) Rodger was a Leo by Sun sign. It is not unusual for Leo people to expect the attention and affirmation of the world, but they typically earn this attention through their charm, creativity and exuberance.

Rodger’s Sun, however, is opposed by Saturn. This aspect made it difficult for his Leo personality to “shine” the way we might expect. Here the creative side of this Sun sign was blocked, while the Fixed, judgmental side of Leo was exaggerated. Rodger probably never understood why he was unable to fully express his Leo passion and enthusiasm, so he blamed the world for not making it easier for his Leo nature to shine forth.

These tendencies were exacerbated by the fact that Rodger’s Moon is in Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn. In my new book, Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo,I point out that respect is the central issue for people born with the combination of a Leo Sun and Capricorn Moon. When these people feel they are not getting the respect they deserve, they become bitter and depressed.

Of course, when the issue is loneliness we have to wonder about the condition of Mars and Venus in the horoscope. Rodger had Mars and Venus conjunct in Virgo. The fact that these two planets are conjunct indicates a heightened sex drive. However, Virgo tends to be a passive sign when it comes to relationships. From Virgo’s point of view, relationships bring unwanted complications and irregularities into our lives. For this reason people with either Mars or Venus in Virgo (let alone both) often have to be persuaded to put aside their finicky reservations and submit themselves to the joyous chaos that is love.

All of these astrological factors lead us to the rather unsurprising conclusion that Elliot Rodger was blaming the world (in particular women) for deficiencies within his own nature. This sort of errant thinking is not unusual for a person of Rodger’s youth. With time, therapy and maybe a little astrology, he would have probably formed a more mature and realistic point of view. Of course, this is not what happened.

On the night when Elliott Rodger carried out his vendetta, several stressful factors were acting on his horoscope. This is evident even without a time of birth. Pluto was conjunct his Neptune, Saturn was square his Jupiter and Neptune was opposite his nata Venus and Mars. Transiting Mars was two degrees away from a square to his natal Uranus, a classic aspect for impulsive and wrong-headed actions.

It is typical in the aftermath of these events to look for people and circumstances to blame. However, I think that this process often distracts us from the most obvious cause of such tragedies. That is human beings (who are not that different from us) making incredibly bad decisions. Rodger’s horoscope shows us the potential for delusion and rage, but it is also packed with other, much more positive potentials. In the final analysis, Rodger let the former cancel out the latter.

What are your thoughts on the Santa Barbara tragety? We always welcome your comments.

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