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The Perils of a Pisces Politician

It looks like one of the more interesting contests coming up in the Nov. midterm elections will be the battle for the Senate seat in Kentucky. The incumbent in this race is Mitch McConnell, one of the longest serving and most powerful Republicans in the Senate. McConnell’s career demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of being a Sun sign Pisces in politics. (Click here to see a horoscope for Mitch McConnell charted for noon.)

McConnell worked his way up through the political ranks by working in the campaigns of established Republican candidates. He eventually won the relatively unglamorous position of Judge Executive for Jefferson County, Kentucky. But Pisces folks, like all mutable signs, are quick to see opportunities, and in 1984 McConnell saw an opportunity in the attendance record of Democratic Senator, Dee Huddleston. By running a series of television ads showing bloodhounds looking for Huddleston (who had a reputation for missing sessions,) McConnell was able to win the seat by a very narrow margin.

In the years that followed, McConnell continued to display a talent for hanging derogatory labels on his political challengers, but his main strength came from his ability to curry the favor of big money donors. With Mars, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus, McConnell understood that money was the ultimate means to power.

In the course of his long tenure in the Senate, McConnell has shown himself adept at the kind of wrap-around logic that Pisces people can use for good and ill. He opposed campaign spending limits which were designed to keep billionaires from controlling the political process, saying that such laws restricted common citizens from participating in elections. He fought against moves to increase the oversight of big banks after the 2008 crash, saying that this oversight would only lead to more bailouts. While he publically chastised Democrats who were calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, McConnell was privately begging President Bush to bring some troops home as a political maneuver.

In general, McConnell’s Pisces flexibility of mind has not been a problem, but when he joined with Democrats to settle the budget crisis in 2013, the Senator found himself at odds with the Tea Party contingent of the Republican Party. Flexibility, even in the service of fiscal sanity, is heresy as far as these folks are concerned and, for the first time in a long time, McConnell faced a stiff challenge in the Republican primary.

This week McConnell defeated his Tea Party rival, but now he faces a Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is young (in politician years) and relatively moderate on issues likely to sway conservative voters. McConnell was forced to dig into his deep pockets during the primary and, more importantly, he used some of the same cutthroat campaign tactics he had previous reserved for Democrats. People are wondering how much these expenditures and the alienation of ultra-conservative Republicans will hurt McConnell in November.

We don’t have a complete horoscope for Mitch McConnell, but his is going through an important Saturn transit this year. Saturn is moving into an opposition to his natal Saturn.This indicates he has reached a turning point in his life. Could that turning point be a forced retirement? Without a time of birth all we can say is that this should make this an interesting race.

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