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The Jupiter Signs: Sagittarius and PiscesJupiterSymbol

Since they didn’t know about Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, ancient astrologers assigned rulerships of the signs of the zodiac to the planets they could see in the night sky. Each planet ruled two signs. In this system Jupiter held sway over both Sagittarius and Pisces.

We still see vestiges of this joint rulership in the symbolism of Sagittarius and Pisces. In medieval times Jupiter was associated with the Church and religious faith, so both these signs are linked with religion. Religion for Sagittarius typically means institutional or organized religion. For Pisces, religion is a more personal and emotional experience.

In the case of Sagittarius, religion becomes a means of reaching beyond the personal, through faith, the community of the church and advanced learning. This association between Jupiter and religion came out a time period in which only men of faith were literate and had access to the knowledge stored in books. This was also a period when common people rarely traveled far from their birthplaces, but monks and priests might travel around the world on pilgrimages or as missionaries.

For Pisces, on the other hand, this connection between Jupiter and religion is turned inward. Religion becomes a mean of expanding one’s knowledge of one’s self, of transcending internal boundaries and achieving spiritual freedom. We moderns might call these internal boundaries “complexes” or “self-defeating scripts”, but during the era when Jupiter ruled over Pisces they were terms “sins,” and the process of overcoming them was the process of finding one’s way to God.

This consideration of religion explains a lot about the different ways in which Jupiter influences modern Sagittarius and Pisces people in more mundane areas. Both signs are expansive. This is more obvious with Sagittarius, a sign noted for its curiosity and insatiable appetite for learning and new experiences. But Pisces people are also constantly expanding their parameters. They do it on an emotional level. They absorb psychological impressions from the people they know, the places they’ve been and the environments in which they’ve lived.

For both Sagittarius and Pisces this process of expansion is never ending. When either of these signs feels blocked of stagnant, they become impatient and testy. Sagittarius folks might have a better idea of the long-term goal of their expansive journey, but they can never predict all the stops they will make along the way. Pisces people often seems to move blindly, but then their intuition kicks in and they fly unerringly toward what , in hindsight, will turn out to be their optimal choice.

Some negatives come with this association with Jupiter. Both Sagittarius and Pisces grasp large concept with ease, but they struggle with details and are inclined to disregard matters they consider boring. Also, neither sign handles defeat very well. When their expansive approach to life fails them, both are prone to erratic and self-destructive behavior.

So let’s take a poll. Do you Pisces folks out there feel closer to the modern ruler of your sign, Neptune, or the traditional ruler, Jupiter?

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