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The Mars Signs: Aries and Scorpio

In modern astrology we assign rulership of Scorpio to Pluto, but ancient astrologers didn’t know about that icy planetoid at the outer edge of our solar system. So, while they agreed with us moderns that Aries was the proper home for Mars during the day, they saw Scorpio as its dark, nocturnal dwelling place.

Like Taurus and Libra, the two Venus signs, Aries and Scorpio seem to have little in common. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, while Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign. And yet, if we look hard, we can see that they are linked by the various attributes of Mars.

First we have competitiveness, one of the more positive traits of Mars. Aries people often seem to wear their competitiveness on their sleeves. They are always looking for a challenge, for a contest, for a new way to show the world that they are winners.

Scorpios, on the other hand, typically keep their competitiveness hidden. They approach challenges with caution, and a carefully laid out plan. They don’t brag about their victories. In fact, outright winning is less important to them than gaining greater knowledge about and power over the people who oppose them.

Of course, Mars in the planet of war and so it is associated with combativeness and anger. Aries people are noted for their fighting spirit. They are often quick to anger and have an inordinate appreciation of a good fight. But they generally fight fair and are quick to acknowledge the worthiness of their opponents.

Scorpio anger is a little bit different. It runs deeper and is not quickly forgotten. When a Scorpio is really angry with someone or something, fairness is not a concern. They will do whatever is necessary to lay waste to their enemy. However, Scorpio people also have the capacity to transform their rage into a source of inner strength and resilience.

And then we have passion. For Aries people, the passion of Mars seems to fly off is several different directions at the same time. They can be just as passionate about their favorite restaurant as they are with their lover. The Aries person enters every activity with the same incredible level of energy and enthusiasm. Of course, such a generous dispersal of passion can’t last for long, and this sign is also noted for its tendency to move quickly from one fascination to another.

The passion of Mars is expressed in a more substantial way with Scorpio. Of course, Scorpio is famous for its capacity for sexual passion, but this sign can bring that same slow-burning intensity to bear in many other areas of life. The passion of Scorpio is never as obvious as that of Aries. Scorpios are more deliberate in their actions and less outspoken about their enthusiasm. But the passion is always there, motivating these people to do extraordinary things.

Mars is not always a positive factor in the personalities of Aries and Scorpio folks. It can make Aries abrupt, impatient and ill-mannered. It can also make Scorpios vengeful and cruel.

So what about it Scorpios? Do you feel more akin to the symbolism of your modern ruler, Pluto, or to the traditional ruler of your sign, Mars? Let's hear what you have to say.