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The Astrology of SainthoodPopeJohnImage

I am not a Catholic and have little knowledge of the process that goes into declaring a person a “saint”. Still, I was pleased when I heard the Pope Francis was recommending such a elevation for Pope John XXIII. From the little I know about the Catholic Church, he’s has long been my favorite of the modern Popes.

The main thing I know about Pope John XXIII is that he was a friend to the modernist Italian sculptor, Giacomo Manzu. They met when the artist was doing a bust of the pontiff. At the time Manzu had won a commission to sculpt panels for new doors on the basilica of St. Peters. There was a lot of controversy concerning this appointment because Manzu was a communist and an avowed atheist.  The Pope protected Manzu from his critics and made sure the sculptor was able to complete the project.

The fact that Pope John could find common ground with a man whose worldview was so different from his own impressed me. Of course, I was also aware the Pope John XXIII was the pope who opened the famous Second Vatican Council which brought sweeping changes to the Church. Among other things, Vatican II (as it was called) recognized the validity of other religious creeds.

The horoscope of Pope John XXIII is remarkable. (Click here to see the chart.) It is dominated by a Grand Trine. That is to say, three bodies within the chart sit are close to 120 degrees apart, forming a giant, equilateral triangle across the horoscope.

The astrological bodies involved in Grand Trine speak volumes regarding John’s tenure as Pope and his legacy.  At the top of the triangle we have Uranus, the planet of radical change. It is in the 9th House of religion. At the right hand corner of the triangle sit both Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the planet we associate with institutional religion, while Neptune rules spirituality. Completing the triangle we have the Moon, the most personal of the personal planets,

John XXIII was a double Sagittarian, with both his Sun and Ascendant in that sign. Sagittarius folks are not always religious, but once they have a calling they follow it with enormous energy and enthusiasm. The Moon in his chart is in Capricorn. Capricorn is a conservative, traditionalist sign. So, even as the energy from his Grand Trine was making drastic changes in the Church he loved, Pope John was able to hold on the essential traditions that made it strong.

I could say a lot more about this horoscope, but the Grand Trine and the combination of his Sun and Moon provide a nice summation of the character of this man and the reasons he for his being declared a Catholic saint. We can praise Pope John XXIII for having the courage to revamp an organization bogged down by hundreds of years of dogma and exclusivity, but it was his horoscope gave him the means.

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