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The Eve of Destruction

You know how a song gets stuck in your head and you keep hearing it over and over. Well, lately the song that’s been going through my head is the 1965 hit “The Eve of Destruction”. It’s a song that lists all the drastic social changes and imminent threats that were present during that tumultuous period of our history and then asks the question “you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction?”

That song was released when Uranus and Pluto were in a conjunction, at the same degree of the zodiac. Now these planets have moved into a 90 degree square aspect. I’ve written about this aspect quite often, but I’ve never mentioned that many astrologers see this square as a continuation of the energy started during the conjunction of these two planets during the 60s.

The notion that we’re on the “eve of destruction” doesn’t seem as relevant now as it did back in the 60s, at least not in the United States. For people living in the Ukraine, however, or in Syria or in many other places around the world, the song might seem to be perfectly in step with the times. Even though we’ve put the tensions of the Cold War behind us, there are still nuclear weapons out there that could end our civilization in a heartbeat, and several countries are itching to build new arsenals.

Some of the astrologers who connect our present Uranus to Pluto aspect with the conjunction that occurred during the 1960s seem to be looking for a rebirth of “flower power” and the hope of peaceful co-existence. I’m afraid I don’t see this. To me the square between Uranus and Pluto has dredged up a wave of intolerance and rage. Instead of hope, it has brought forth arrogance and blind allegiance to religious, political and social doctrines.

But maybe there is a connection. Maybe the square has brought us a kind of exorcism. We have to draw out all those negative emotions and see them for what they really are. Then, maybe, we can grow beyond their limitations and begin to evolve as a species. The idea of humanity evolving might seem  grandiose, but you’ve got to admit, we’re going to have to do it sometime.

After Uranus and Pluto make their last exact 90 degree connection next year, they will both move on their merry way and, in about 50 years, meet again in an opposition aspect. Maybe this will be the time when the promise so many people saw in the social revolution of the 1960s will become a reality. Then we can rewrite those lyrics and declare ourselves “on the eve of perfection.”


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